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Where Is Alvar
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SummaryEdit is a website setup to track the number of Apollo Bars had been found and to submit pictures of findings. In the end 1064 Apollo bars were found, in addition to 78 golden oracle bars.

Messages from Rachel BlakeEdit


Rachel Here.

You're putting the pieces together. We've got the Hanso Foundation on the rocks. Now it's time to show them our faces. Show them the army that's united to oppose their crimes.

Find the Apollo Bars. Take your picture with one. Upload it and show us your location on the world map. To upload you'll have to register - if you're already registered at just use the same login.


Golden Oracle bar

Keep your eyes out for the special "Golden Oracle" bars. They look like this:

If you find one, take a pic showing the gold tag. Enter the code on the tag when you upload. Only when enough of the "Golden Oracles" have been found, only when enough of the world is watching...

Only then will I give further instructions. You won't want to miss what I have to show you.

Final MessageEdit

You've stuck with me. Shown your support. Fought the Hanso Foundation tooth and nail.

Now it's time for the whole truth. About them. About me.

Tune in to DJ Dan Sunday, September 24 at 8PM PST, and help me, once and for shut it all down!


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