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Wayne Jansen
Wayne Jansen
Name Wayne Jansen
Gender Male
Country Iowa, US
Occupation Unknown
Family Daughter - Kate Austen
Wife - Diane Jansen
Episode(s) What Kate Did
Played By James Horan

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Wayne Jansen had an affair with a woman named Diane while her husband, Sam Austen was overseas in Korea. The two conceived a child and Diane would later give birth to Kate Austen. When Kate was 5 years old, Diane broke up with Sam and married Wayne. Wayne was a drinker and was often abusive toward Diane because of this. When Kate discovered that he was her biological father, she set a plan in motion to murder Wayne because she was disgusted that he was a part of her. While escorting him to his room, Wayne made a suggestive comment about Kate’s appearance, Kate left the house, drove away on her motorcycle, leaving Wayne inside as the house exploded and engulfed in flames. (What Kate Did)

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