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Warden Harris
Name Warden Harris
Gender Male
Country Florida, USA
Occupation Warden
Episode(s) Every Man for Himself
Played By Bill Duke

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Warden Harris is the Warden at a Florida Correction facility. When a man named Munson was brought into the prison for the theft of $10 Million from the government, he was a constant victim of assault on behalf of the other prisoner's. Harris continuously broke up the fights, and it was fellow inmate James Ford's belief that Warden Harris wanted to know the location of the money for himself.

James came forward with the location of the money after conning Munson into telling him, he was granted a pardon of the remaining 6 years of his sentence by the Warden as well as receiving a commission of the money from Agent Freedman of the Treasury Department. When James informs them he wants the money placed in an Albuquerque bank account under the name Clementine Phillips, the Warden is very curious to know who Clementine is, however, James does not release this information.

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