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A recurring theme on LOST are visions. Visions or dreams occur frequently on the island and been experienced by many characters.

Vision - Christian Shephard
Jack's Vision of Christian Shephard

From time to time on the island, Jack began having visions of his father appearing to him in various ways. The first occurring after having a conversation with Rose, and seeing his father in a full suit from a distance and then seeing him enter the jungle. Another instance occurred the day Joanna drowned, Jack saw his father standing in the water, and then he suddenly disappeared. The third occurrence was that same day while speaking with Boone, Jack saw the vision, and pursued it. When he arrived directly behind the man, he turned around to reveal that it was none other than Christian Shephard. Jack made his way into the jungle pursuing him, and finding several more visions along the way. Jack was eventually led to a spring near some caves, and came to his final destination on his journey, and found: his father’s coffin, which was empty The Smoke Monster that stole John Locke's body was Jack's father.

Claire's Vision of John Locke

As Claire was having a nightmare, she experienced several things that were extremely real to her. Claire encounters Locke in the middle of the jungle, and he has one eye that is black and another that is white. Locke is playing cards at a desk in the middle of the jungle, with light coming from a lamp. As he picks up one of the cards, what sounds like a knife being drawn is heard, and Locke informs Claire that the baby was her responsibility and that she gave him away, and that they all pay the price now. Claire follows the sounds of a baby's cries to a crib in the jungle, and notices a mobile suspended above it with Oceanic Airlines planes affixed, and the planes begin spinning rapidly. Claire reaches into the crib and finds her hands covered in blood, she then awakes in a terrified scream.

Boone's Vision of Shannon Rutherford

While in the jungle with Locke, a decision was made by Boone that he was going to tell his sister, Shannon, about the two of them discovering the Hatch. When Locke agreed to this, he struck Boone in the back of the head with the blunt end of his knife, and tied him up. When Boone awoke, Locke applied a salve to the wound on the back of his head, and Locke threw the knife to his feet and told him that with the proper motivation, he'd be able to free himself. Boone heard Shannon in the distance screaming for help and then heard the sounds of "The Monster", and Shannon was lifted into the air by it, and later killed. When Boone discovered Shannon's body by a stream, he returned the camp where he attempted to murder Locke. Locke informed him that it was an experience that he believed was vital to his survival on this island, and asked how he felt when Shannon died, to which Boone replied that he felt relieved.

Vision - Boone
Locke's Vision of Boone Carlyle and Emily Locke

After losing feeling in his legs and repeated failed attempts at trying to gain entry into the hatch, Locke had a dream which he described as the “most real thing he’d ever experienced”. In the dream, he witnessed a Beechcraft plane descending to the island and crashing, which was followed by a vision of Boone covered in blood repeating the phrase “Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs”. Locke proceeded to find himself back in his wheelchair, and saw a vision of his mother pointing to the sky, with the sound of Virgin Mary statues breaking in the background.

Vision - Walt
Shannon's Vision of Walt Lloyd

While on the island, Shannon witnessed a total of three visions of Walt in the jungle. The first occurred on the night the “Others” were supposed to arrive; Shannon tripped in the jungle while searching for Vincent, and was met by a soaking wet Walt, who told her “Push the button, Don’t push the button. Bad.” backwards. The second occurrence was after Shannon and Sayid had just consummated their relationship, Sayid had left to retrieve some water, and Shannon witnessed Walt, once again soaking wet. This time, he told her that “they’re coming and they’re close”. The third and final vision was first spotted by Sayid who saw a glimpse of Walt in the background after whispers surrounded Sayid and Shannon. The vision of Walt said “Shhh” and scurried off into the jungle, but was followed by Shannon, who would be then accidentally shot by Ana-Lucia.

Vision - Jin
Hurley's Vision of Jin-Soo Kwon

Hurley was in the hatch on button duty, when he fell asleep after “resting his eyes”. Hurley had a dream about walking freely about inside of the pantry, and eating whatever he desired. In doing so, he saw a glimpse of Jin at the doorway in his dream, accompanied by a man in a chicken costume. As Hurley and Jin exchanged conversation, Jin spoke in English, and Hurley in Korean. As the man in the chicken costume blinked, the sound of the alarm inside the hatch would sound in unison. Jin told Hurley to have a “Cluckety-Cluck-Cluck Day” and Hurley suddenly awoke.

Vision - Charlie
Charlie's Vision of Aaron Littleton

Charlie begins having visions of Aaron Littleton on the island after Claire sends him away after discovering he was a heroin addict and had secretly kept some inside a Virgin Mary statue.

The first vision involves him playing a piano on the beach and then hearing Aaron's cries coming from within. Charlie frantically attempts to open the piano, and cries for help, when he turns around the piano is overturned and floating into the ocean.

The second vision is of Aaron's cradle floating into the ocean, and Charlie swimming out to retrieve it. When he gets back to the shore, he sees Claire and his mother dressed and posing as if they were in Verrocchio's painting of "The Baptism of Christ". Before you see the dove fly by you can see Yemi and Goldie's Beechcraft crashing behind the trees, then a flash of light, then the dove flies out of the jungle.

Vision - Dave
Hurley's visions of Dave

After Hurley revealed his stash of food from the hatch, he was convinced by Libby to destroy it. Immediately after doing so, Hurley and Libby followed the other survivors to the pallet of food which was recently delivered to the island. Hurley suddenly begins to see his imaginary friend, Dave, on the island.

Dave manages to convince Hurley that everything that has happened to him, is all part of an elaborate dream being thought up by him, and he is still inside the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Dave then informs Hurley that if he were to jump off the cliff, it would convince his mind that he doesn't want to be there anymore. When Dave jumps off the cliff himself, he says "See you in another life, Hurley".

Vision - Yemi
Eko and Locke's Vision of Yemi Tunde

Eko had seen various visions of Yemi, the first occurrence was in a dream he had. While walking through the hatch, Yemi appeared sitting at the computer telling Eko that he had to help John, and that he must take him to the question mark. The alarm begins to sound, and the timer turns to red with question marks instead of numbers or hieroglyphics, Yemi types something into the computer, and the hatch begins to shake. Before the dream ends, Yemi tells Eko to bring the axe.

As John and Eko make their way across the island, Locke himself has a vision of Eko who appears to him also in a dream. Locke envisions Eko waking up to find Yemi who wakes him up and gets him to climb the same cliff that Boone did. Once at the top, Eko finds Yemi in a wheelchair and says "Wake up, John", at which time Locke wakes up and explains the ordeal. Eko climbs to the top of the cliff, and discovers a question mark in the grass, underneath which was the Pearl Station.

After being rescued by Locke after being attacked by a Polar Bear, Eko receives yet another vision from his brother in his tent telling him that it is time to confess, to be judged, and that when the time comes, Eko would know where to find Yemi waiting. When Locke finally finds Yemi in the jungle, Eko states that he has no sins to confess and that he did what he did for survival. Eko goes on to say that a small boy once asked him if he was a bad man, and that if he could answer him now, he would tell him that when he was a young boy, he killed a man to save my brother's life and that he was not sorry for this, but rather he was proud of this! Yemi then, in disgust, says "You speak to me as if I were your brother". In confusion, Eko follows the vision of Yemi asking who he was, and then suddenly, Eko was in the grasp of the Monster, and was killed upon the impact of the attack.

Vision - Locke
Locke's vision of Boone Carlyle

After the destruction of the hatch, Locke awakes in the jungle and decides to construct a sweat lodge in order to "speak with the island" and find guidance. In doing so, Locke encounters Boone in the tent who takes him on a vision quest through the Sydney Airport. During this, Boone questions Locke about who in the airport needs help, all the while seeing his fellow islanders walking through the airport. Upon seeing Jack, Kate and Sawyer being wanded by Ben, Locke begins to panic, and Boone informs him that he can't help them until he cleans up his own mess. Boone then appears covered in blood and informs Locke that "they" have Eko.

Vision - EmilyLinus
Ben's visions of Emily Linus

Benjamin Linus saw a vision of his mother Emily, despite her being dead since he was a baby. She appeared outside of his bedroom window, looking in at him, causing him to be frightened and back away. After having a conversation with his father, Roger, where he was blamed for being the death of his mother, Ben became emotional and fled from his home to the sonar fence where he saw a vision of his mother on the other side. She told him that it wasn't time yet. Ben later went across the barrier into the jungle looking for his mother, but found one of the "hostiles" named Richard Alpert instead.

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