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Vigi Benoffski
Name Vigi Benoffski
Gender Male
Country Kolobrzeg, Poland
Occupation Mathematician
Mentioned In The Lost Experience

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Vigi Benoffski was a mathematician who died in a fire at the Hanso Foundation's Vik Institute in Vik, Iceland. The fire occurred at 3:00am, in the basement of the Institute, where Benoffski was allegedly visiting a patient. However, suspicions arose as to why he would have been visiting at 3:00am past visiting hours. (Copenhagen Post 07)

After speaking with Armand Zander, Rachel Blake discovered that Benoffski, working alongside mathematicians and autistic savants, were running the Valenzetti Equation over and over again. (Iceland Post 01)

Benoffski's family refused to comment after the incident. It is suspected that Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk may have had involvement due to an audio recording made by Rachel in which the incident is discussed. (Italy Post 02)


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