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Various vehicles that have appeared throughout LOST. Whether they involved land travel, sea travel or air travel, you can browse to a corresponding page for a more comprehensive explanation on that vehicles's role in the lives of the survivors, and it's role in LOST.

Air TravelEdit

Oceanic Flight 815

Flight 815 was a regular, timetabled flight from Sydney Airport to LAX. Flight 815 split into three parts in midair due to a sudden loss of structural integrity.

The Beechcraft

The Beechcraft was a plane full of heroin that was flown out of Nigeria by Goldie and Yemi that crashed on the island and became lodged in the tree canopy. it was later discovered by Boone and Locke, and then burned by Eko and Charlie.

The Balloon

Was a balloon found in the jungle by Sayid, Ana-Lucia and Charlie after following a map drawn by Benjamin Linus while he was under the alias of Henry Gale.

Rescue Chopper

A helicopter piloted by Frank Lapidus to travel between The Kahana and the Island. This helicopter brought Miles, Charlotte and Daniel to the Island and later the mercenary team lead by Martin Keamy. The helicopter eventually went down in the Pacific Ocean after running out of fuel after the Kahana exploded and the Island moved.

Ajira Flight 316
  • Introduced in: 316

A commercial flight from Los Angeles, California , Unites States to Guam . The plane time-flashed from night to day due to an anomaly of the island , crashing on the Hydra Island .

Sea TravelEdit

The First Raft
The First Raft

The original raft which was being build by Michael, which was eventually destroyed when Walt set it ablaze.

The Second Raft
The Second Raft

The second raft which was built by Michael and Jin, and was later taken out to sea along with Walt and Sawyer.

The Black Rock
The Black Rock

The Black Rock was a ship that had crashed onto the island around approximately 1881. It was found peculiarly in the middle of the jungle in the “Dark Territory”, with no sign or indication of how it arrived there.

The Others' Boat

This was the boat used by Tom and his crew to kidnap Walt while he was aboard the raft. Michael and Walt were later given this boat and a compass bearing by Ben to find rescue.

The Elizabeth
The Elizabeth

Libby gave Desmond her husband's boat so he could win the race around the world 'for love'.

The Galaga
The Galaga

The Galaga was the submarine the Others used to travel to and from the island. It was later destroyed by Locke using C-4 from the Flame Station.

The Outrigger

Alex provided Kate and Sawyer with her boat so that they could escape from the Hydra island with Karl and get to safety.

The Others' Yacht

This was the yacht the Others used to transport their people back to the main island after Kate and Sawyer escaped.


A freighter sent by Charles Widmore to discover and capture the island .

Widmore's Submarine

The submarine which Charles Widmore used to return to the Island, bringing a combat team with him to fight the Man in Black. This submarine was sunk when a block of C-4 detonated on board.

Land TravelEdit

VW Van

Hurley discovers a tipped over VW Van bearing a Dharma logo on the front, in the middle of the jungle, and enlists Jin to assist him in getting it working again.

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