Unnamed Mid-Section Crash Survivors

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Mid-Section extras

Several of the original Mid-Section extras.

This is a list of all Mid-Section survivors who have appeared on screen, but have not received an official name. It should be noted that some of the unnamed survivors could very well be the characters who have been named on the show, in the novels, and on the non-canon official websites who have never been identified with a specific actor. It should also be noted that some of these survivors only appeared in a few episodes, and that there have been more background characters than the actual total of 48 survivors allows for.

  1. Sexy Blue Striped Shirt Girl
  2. Tourniquet Man
  3. Unnamed Survivor
  4. Woman (Pilot)
  5. Man (Pilot)
  6. Unnamed Survivor 1
  7. Unnamed Survivor 2
  8. Unnamed Survivor 3
  9. Unnamed Survivor 4
  10. Unnamed Survivor 5
  11. Unnamed Survivor 6
  12. Unnamed Survivor 7

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