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The Others appearing in their rugged appearance at the Decoy Camp.

This is a list of all the Members of the Others who have appeared on screen, but have not received an official name. It should be noted that some of the unnamed members of the Others could very well be passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 who have been kidnapped from the Tail Section of the plane as several Others are played by the same actors. Also, there is no set total number of Others known, and that there may in fact be more members than there should be. It should also be noted that some of these Others only appeared in a few episodes.

  1. Man on Boat 1
  2. Man on Boat 2
  3. Woman on Boat
  4. Female Other 1
  5. Female Other 2
  6. Female Other 3
  7. Female Other 4
  8. Female Other 5
  9. Female Other 6
  10. Female Other 7
  11. Male Other 1
  12. Male Other 2
  13. Male Other 3
  14. Male Other 5
  15. Male Other 6
  16. Male Other 7
  17. Male Other 8
  18. Male Other 9
  19. Male Other 10
  20. Male Other 11
  21. Male Other 12
  22. Male Other 13
  23. Male Other 14
  24. Male Other 15
  25. Male Other 17
  26. Male Other 18
  27. Male Other 19

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