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Name Trevor
Gender Male
Country California, USA
Occupation Landlord
Episode(s) Some Like it Hoth
Played By Tim deZarn

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Trevor was a landlord at an unknown apartment complex located somewhere in southern California during the 1980's. Some time in 1985, Tim was approached by Lara Chang, who wished to rent an apartment for her and her son, Miles. However, Trevor was hesitant to rent the apartment to the mother, stating that the residents of the complex preferred it quiet, and he was afraid of the noise Miles might create. To ease his concerns, Lara agreed to paid two months rent in advance, in order to coerce the landlord to lease the property. A short time later, Miles had wandered off and entered another apartment within the division, and came across a dead body. Trevor and Lara then arrived on the scene, and found Miles mumbling incoherently about a woman named "Kimberly". Trevor then stated that Kimberly was the deceased man's wife, who had died a year prior. (Some Like it Hoth)

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