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Toy Airplane
Toy Airplane
Name Toy Airplane
Introduced In Whatever the Case May Be
Last Seen In Exodus - Part 1
Owned By Tom Brennan
Found By Kate Austen

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Kate's toy airplane, which had previously belonged to Tom Brennan. It was located inside the Marshal's Halliburton Case during the flight.


When Tom had flown to Dallas by himself, he was given this plane as a souvenir, and when the two decided to create a time capsule when they were kids, Tom placed the plane inside, and the capsule was buried on August 15, 1989.

When Kate realized her mother was dying, Kate decided to return to her town and visit one last time, in doing so, she recruited Tom to assist her and buy some time alone with her. While they waited at night, the two returned to where they buried the capsule, and unearthed it. The two then listen to the tape, and looked at their childhood treasures. When Kate was stopped by a security guard in the hospital, she ran and was eventually stopped before exiting the parking lot by a Iowa State Trooper, she had no choice but to escape, and the officer fired, killing Tom. Kate left the toy airplane and fled once more.

Kate began calling Marshal Edward Mars at his home and began to taunt him, he eventually revealed that he had the toy airplane locked in a safe deposit box in New Mexico. Along with the help of Jason, Kate organized a bank robbery and regained access to the plane.

While in Australia, Kate was captured by the Marshall once and for all, and was taken on Oceanic Flight 815, and had the toy airplane placed in the Marshall's Halliburton Case along with 5 guns.

Post Crash of Flight 815Edit

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, the case was lost in a waterfall which was discovered by Kate and Sawyer underwater. Jack intervened and retrieved the case from Sawyer, and the two dug up the body of the Marshall to retrieve the key. Once opened, Kate explained that the plane belonged to the man she loved, however, Jack didn't buy it, and Kate revised it to it belonging to the man she killed.

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