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Tom Brennan
Tom Brennan
Name Tom Brennan
Gender Male
Country Iowa, US
Occupation Doctor
Family Wife - Rachel Brennan
Son - Connor Brennan
Episode(s) Born to Run
Played By MacKenzie Astin (adult)
Carter Jenkins (child)

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Tom Brennan is from Iowa and is the childhood friend of Kate Austen. When Tom was young, he flew to Dallas by himself and received a toy plane in the process. In 1989, Kate and Tom decided to create a time capsule which they would later dig up 20 years later. The time capsule was a lunch box containing items such as a baseball cap; a baseball, Tom’s airplane, and a cassette tape which they made to commemorate the capsule. The tape was created on August 15, 1989 and included their hopes and dreams for the future recorded on it; while Tom dreamed of marrying Kate and starting a family consisting of 9 kids with her, Kate’s dreams involved running as far away as she could. They buried the capsule 6 paces away from a large tree in their town in Iowa. (Born to Run)

Tom would eventually abandon his dreams of his life with Kate after Kate murdered her father and went on the run evading the US Marshals. Tom achieved his Medical License and became a doctor, he would also meet a woman named Rachel and they would have a child which they would name Connor. (Born to Run)

Tom was visited by Kate many years later at St. Francis Hospital while she was on the run from the US Marshals. Kate’s mother was dying of cancer, and Kate felt she owed it to her mother to pay her one last visit, so she requested the help of Tom, who was employed at the hospital her mother was in. Tom calls in a favour from a friend at the hospital requesting an MRI scan for Diane, enabling Kate some time to say good-bye to her mother. While they waited for their 5am appointment, Kate reminds Tom of the time capsule and the two drive out to where they buried it for their last opportunity to do so. (Born to Run)

While unearthing the time capsule, Tom informs Kate that her returning is not fair; they discover all of their memories from the past in the capsules, and after listening to the tape, Kate and Tom reveal their feelings for each other and kiss. Shrugging the incident off, Tom informs her that they need to get to the hospital. (Born to Run)

While wheeling Diane down the Hospital hallway, Tom informs the other Doctor that he can take it the rest of the way, and signals to Kate who is hiding behind a wall. As Tom informs her that he is in his office, he leaves Kate with her dying mother. When Diane becomes frightened she calls for help, and Kate flees and in the process knocks a security guard out. As Kate exits the hospital, she requests the use of his car, and Tom chases Kate outside. As they drive to the exit of the garage, a police car blocks their exit and calls for back-up. Kate demands that Tom leave the vehicle, to which Tom denies and states that if Kate cooperates they may go easy on her, and that she can have a real life. Kate continues to demand Tom leave the vehicle, to which he remains inside; the two drive towards the officer blocking their exit and the officer fires. Tom is hit by several bullets, and is killed. As Kate crashes the car mid-way down the street, she sees Tom is a bloody mess, and makes her escape when the sirens begin to close in. (Born to Run)

Tom also seems to appear in the second scene of "The Incident" (season 5 episode 16), in which he and Kate steal a lunchbox from a grocery store. The scene is notable because it is a flashback concerning Jacob. Although the young boy is not identified, he is carrying a small model plane like the one that appears in "Born to Run."

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