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September 22, 2004 - Day 1

Desmond leaves the hatch and follows Kelvin to discover that Kelvin has been restoring his boat and is planning to leave the island. When Kelvin tells Desmond that he planned to leave and have Desmond push the button, Desmond became irate and pushed Kelvin to the ground. As the two fought, Desmond pushed Kelvin and killed him when his head made contact with the rock behind him. Desmond takes the key from around Kelvin's neck, races back to the hatch, only to discover that he missed pushing the button. As a "system failure" alarm rings throughout the station, and the magnet inside begins to react, Desmond frantically attempts to enter the code and push the button, once he's done so, everything returns to normal.

Juliet's book club meeting is cut short suddenly, as her home abruptly begins to shake. After the ground settles, she and her guests head outside where they are witness to Oceanic Flight 815 split into three separate pieces and lands on three sectors of the South Pacific island. Ben orders Ethan to infiltrate the Fuselage section, and Goodwin to infiltrate the Tail Section, and to make lists of the survivors.

Jack Shephard awakens in the jungle, and heads immediately to the beach where he finds passengers in need of medical aid. Jack assists a man who is trapped under a piece of wreckage and applies a tourniquet fashioned from his necktie; Claire who is having contractions; and Rose who is in need of resuscitation. Gary Troup is sucked into the engine, after failing to hear Locke's warning

John Locke awakens on the beach among the wreckage, and for the first time in four years, is able to walk.

On the other side of the island, the Tail Section survivors swim to shore. Mr. Eko pulls the survivors from the water, Ana-Lucia saves Emma’s life, and Libby sets Donald’s leg. Goodwin emerges from the jungle and alerts Ana-Lucia and takes her to Bernard, who is stuck in his seat up in a tree. Ana Lucia climbs up to help him.

Nikki scours the Mid-Section crash site in search of Paulo and her luggage, and finds Arzt who needs assurance about his safety, and Boone who requests a pen to aid in Jack's rescue efforts.

Ben then takes Juliet to the Flame Station, where he asks Mikhail to gather information on all the passengers and crew on Flight 815, and then has him show Juliet a live video uplink from Richard showing that her sister, Rachel and her child are both alive and well.

Jack flees to a secluded part of the beach, where he can examine a very large open wound on his back. There, he encounters Kate Austen and requests her assistance in sewing his wound up. While doing so, Jack tells her the story of his first solo procedure in medical school, and how he coped with his fear.

Later that night, the tail section survivor's camp is attacked by "The Others", and three of the survivors are kidnapped. In the process of attempting to abduct Eko, two of the Others are killed when Eko defends himself with a large rock.

Charlie approaches Claire at night and insists on offering her his blanket, the two chat and introduce each other.

The Monster makes its presence known to the Fuselage survivors as it presents a series of loud noises to the survivors, and knocks down trees near the beach.

September 23, 2004 - Day 2

Jack, Kate and Charlie head into the jungle to find the Front Section of the plane to obtain the transceiver. After arriving at the Cockpit of the plane, they discover the pilot alive inside, and the three are alerted to the fact that the rescue parties don't know where to look for them. Seth hears noises and peers out the window; he's "eaten" by the “Monster”.

Ana-Lucia discovers that the people Eko had murdered were actually on the island before the crash. Ana suggests they move into the jungle to find a safer place, and Nathan and Cindy present their reasons for not moving off the beach. Eventually, the decision is made to stay.

After returning to the beach with the transceiver, Sayid and Sawyer fight. After the fight is broken up, Sayid volunteers to repair the broken transceiver. Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Boone, Shannon, and Sawyer hike to higher ground to try to gain a signal. While in the jungle, the group encounters a polar bear, and Sawyer shoots and kills it. Jack attempts to relieve a fellow passenger’s injuries, and then discovers a secret about Kate. While trying to receive a signal on the transceiver, the six encounter a haunting message from a French Woman stating that “it killed them all”. The signal fades away, and the group makes camp for the night.

September 24, 2004 - Day 3

The Tail Section survivors scour the beach in search of shellfish, and Libby comments to Ana-Lucia about Donald’s condition.

Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Boone, and Shannon spent the night camping out discussing what had just happened, and later return to the beach, and valiantly attempts to cure the Marshal’s injury. At night, Kate listens to the Marshal’s last words, and the Marshall begs Sawyer to end his misery. Sawyer shoots the Marshal in the chest aiming for his heart, and misses perforating his lung. Jack smothers the Marshal in an act of mercy.

September 25, 2004 - Day 4

Jack rejects Kate’s request of informing him of what she did, Locke uses a whistle he made to find Vincent, and presents him to Michael so that he could be the one to give it to Walt.

At night the camp is awoken to the sounds of boars rummaging through the Fuselage.

September 26, 2004 - Day 5

Donald dies due to his infection and becomes the 4th post-crash survivor to pass away.

While speaking with Rose on the beach, Jack sees visions of a man standing in the water in a full suit. Michael, Locke and Kate head into the jungle to hunt boar, Kate takes an antenna Sayid has built in attempts to place it in the jungle, and after Michael becomes injured Locke ventures further into the jungle by his lonesome and encounters the “Monster” face to face. At night, a memorial service is led by Claire to honour the memory of those who did not survive the crash, and the Fuselage is set ablaze.

September 27, 2004 - Day 6

Joanna drowns after taking a swim, and Jack rescues Boone who had swam out to rescue her first. Jack sees yet another vision of a man in a suit and pursues it into the jungle where he sees his father standing before him. Jack nearly falls to his death, but is rescued by Locke who teaches him the values of leadership. Jack discovers his father’s empty coffin and a source of fresh water at nearby caves. While Jack is gone, it is discovered that someone has taken the last of the water when Claire falls ill. It is discovered that Boone had taken the water, but he is defended by Jack when he returns and urges everyone to live together.

Ethan makes contact with Nikki and Paulo, and suggests that they try looking inland for their luggage.

September 28, 2004 - Day 7

The Tail Section survivors catch a chicken and share it amongst themselves, and Libby reaches out to Eko to see why he hasn’t said anything in a week.

Jin attacks Michael on the beach, and is handcuffed to a piece of wreckage. Jack, Kate, Locke and Charlie head to the caves to retrieve water, Charlie steps on a beehive, and Jack and Kate accidentally discover the bodies of two former island occupants at the caves. Jack creates the idea of living at the caves, and Charlie presents Locke with his drugs in exchange for his guitar. The survivors inevitably split up, and some move off the beach and into the caves.

September 29, 2004 - Day 8

After moving the camp to the caves, Jack is trapped in a cave-in, as the survivors attempt to free him; Charlie volunteers to go inward to rescue him. Sayid, Kate, and Sawyer venture into the jungle to triangulate the signal, in doing so, Sayid is attacked from behind by an unseen assailant. Jack is eventually rescued by Charlie; and Charlie burns the last of his drugs.

September 30, 2004 - Day 9

Boone is attacked by Sawyer after rummaging through his stash, and Sayid is tended to by Jack after his attack. Sawyer presents Kate with the letter that he carries around with him and makes her read it aloud. Jack loses his patience with Sawyer and takes two swings at Sawyer sending him to his knees.

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