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Prior to April 5, 2007

Jack and Kate (and possibly other survivors of Oceanic Flight 815) make their way off the island, however, the circumstances regarding their escape, have not yet been revealed.

July / August, 2006

Sarah conceives a child, however, the father of the child is unknown (The most probable child for the father, would most likely be Sarah's Mystery Man revealed in A Tale of Two Cities).

April 5, 2007

An person featured in a newspaper clipping passes away at 4:00am. (It has yet to be revealed who this individual was or what impact they had on any of the survivors.)

April 7, 2007

On his flight back to Los Angeles, Jack is handed a newspaper by an Oceanic Flight Attendant, inside is an article about a man that had passed away.

April 8, 2007

After reading the newspaper clipping about the death, Jack attempts to commit suicide. As he is about to jump off a bridge, a woman, distracted by Jack, crashes her car. Jack, revitalized, saves the woman and her son from the burning wreckage, branding him a local hero. Jack, stricken with grief, goes to the memorial service for the unknown person to find that there had been no other visitors. The funeral director asks if Jack is friend or family, to which he responds, "neither."

April 9, 2007

After he runs out, Jack attempts to get more Oxycodone, first claiming that he has one refill left, then using a new prescription he claims has his deceased father's name, but is denied it. Jack then turns to stealing the medication, and as he is leaving the hospital he runs into Rob Hamill, the new Chief of Surgery. Hamill confronts Jack about his attempted suicide, but Jack refuses to talk, saying Hamill cannot help him, and leaves. Jack attempts to contact an unseen character, finally succeeding and arranging a meeting near an airport. There the unseen person is revealed to be Kate, Jack explains to her that he has been using the free pass from Oceanic Airlines to fly across the Pacific Ocean during weekends, wanting to return to the island; he tells her that they "were not supposed to leave." Kate rejects this, and drives away, leaving Jack to shout "We have to go back!"

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