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November 1, 2004 - Day 41

Locke and Boone head into the jungle to find Locke’s mysterious Beechcraft. Back at the camp, Jack diagnoses Sawyer with hyperopia, and Sayid constructs him with a pair of glasses. While in the jungle, Boone and Locke uncover the body of a Nigerian Priest who for some reason was armed with a handgun, and had a pocketful of Nigerian Currency. Locke loses the use of his legs and reveals to Boone that he was formerly a paraplegic. When they arrived at the Beechcraft, they find it lodged in the canopy and Boone climbs up in side the plane only to discover it was filled with heroin which was hidden inside Virgin Mary Statues.

Bernard attempts to use the radio to make contact on the radio which he possesses, and on the other side of the island Boone does the same via the Beechcraft’s radio. The two make contact with each other and Boone identifies himself as a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, Bernard identifies himself as a survivor of Flight 815, and Ana turns of the radio claiming that it was ”Them” trying to lure them out and find them.

Boone still inside the Beechcraft makes the plane shift due to his weight, and the plane crashes into the earth below it. Locke regains the ability to walk and carries him back to camp.

Jack attempts to repair Boone’s injuries, and requests Kate's assistance in gathering Sawyer's alcohol, and while doing so discovers Claire, who has gone into labour.

November 2, 2004 - Day 42

Locke flees the camp and proceeds to the hatch. Desmond prepares to commit suicide, and opens his copy of Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend, to discover a letter from Penny. As he reads it he hears a banging on the outer hatch. Locke proceeds to release all of his sorrow, rage, regret, betrayal out on the island which he thought was guiding him. Desmond turns on the light and suddenly the hatch window below Locke lights up before his eyes. Desmond is overjoyed to see that there is someone else out there.

Despite Jack’s efforts, Boone Carlyle passes away succumbing to his injuries. Claire gives birth to her child, and later presents it to the camp.

Jack leaves the camp in search of Locke, but is later brought back by Kate to lead Boone’s funeral, it is there that Locke returns taking responsibility for what happened and is attacked by Jack.

Locke brings Sayid to the Beechcraft and confesses that he was the one he struck Sayid from behind the week after the crash while he was attempting to triangulate the source of the signal. Shannon steals one of the guns from the gun case and holds Locke at gunpoint; Sayid tackles Shannon and the gun fires but only grazes Locke. At night, Sayid tells Locke that he’s going to bring him to the hatch.

November 3, 2004 - Day 43

Dr. Arzt informs the builders of the raft that the only time they can leave is 3–4 months later, and building efforts are stepped up. Locke and Sayid bring Jack to the hatch who agrees with Locke that it should be opened, much to the dislike of Sayid. Kate suggests to Sun that she poison Jin to prevent him from leaving with the raft, but the plan backfires when Michael drinks from Jin’s bottle. Kate’s secret past is revealed to her fellow survivors by Sawyer when she tries to take his spot. Walt confesses to Michael that he burnt the raft, and when Michael states that they don’t have to leave, Walt takes an insistent stance claiming that they do.

November 4, 2004 - Day 44

Danielle arrives at the Fuselage survivor’s camp to warn them about the imminent arrival of “The Others”. When Danielle asks how they plan to hide 40 people, a plan is formulated by Locke to use dynamite from the Black Rock to blow open the hatch. The survivors see Black Smoke on the other side of the island. Jack informs the remaining survivors on the beach to head to the caves where they would stay until the group returned. Sawyer reveals to Jack that he met Jack’s father in Sydney. Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley, Arzt and Rousseau travel through the jungle to the Black Rock. The raft sets sail with Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer aboard.

After arriving at the Black Rock, Rousseau leaves, and Arzt dies while handling the dynamite. At the beach, Rousseau returns demanding to see Sayid, and then attacks Claire taking her child with her. Charlie and Sayid follow her toward the Black Smoke where they suspect her of going to. Claire reveals that she has named her baby Aaron. Charlie takes one of the Virgin Mary Statues at the Black Rock. The survivors retrieving the dynamite run into trouble when the “Monster” arrives and nearly drags Locke underground.

November 5, 2004 - Day 45

Early in the morning, Jack, Locke, Kate and Hurley use the dynamite to blow off the door of the hatch and return to the caves when they realize there is no way down. At sea, the raft is attacked by “The Others” and Walt is kidnapped.

Locke and Kate leave for the hatch, and Jack follows closely behind. Shannon sees a vision of Walt while searching for Vincent in the jungle. Once inside the hatch, Kate is locked in the pantry by the Hatch’s occupant Desmond, and discusses with Locke why he is there. When Jack arrives, Desmond holds Locke at gunpoint until struck from behind by Kate accidentally firing upon the computer inside the hatch.

On the other side of the island, Michael and Sawyer survive the attack and float back towards the island, encountering and killing a shark on their way. Libby and Cindy discover Jin unconscious on the beach, and he is interrogated by Eko, and later escapes down the beach to be freed by Michael and Sawyer. The three are attacked by Eko who throws them in the pit.

Ana-Lucia would later voluntarily go in, discover they were on Flight 815, and take the gun Sawyer was in possession of.

Desmond flees the hatch after a failed attempt at repairing the computer, Jack pursues him and Desmond realizes exactly where he knows Jack from. Jack returns to the hatch to correctly inform them of the code they need to enter, Jack pushes the button, and Locke sets up shifts to enter the code.

November 6, 2004 - Day 46

Hurley is put in charge of inventorying the food inside the hatch, and enlists the help of Rose to help him. Michael, Jin and Sawyer are released from the pit and taken to the Arrow Station of the Tail Section survivors. Claire discovers the bottle with messages they sent on the raft, Hurley attempts to blow up the pantry inside the hatch with dynamite but is talked out of it by Rose. Later that night, Hurley would distribute the food to his fellow survivors, and Bernard would learn from the raft survivors that his wife is still alive.

November 7, 2004 - Day 47

On the Fuselage survivor’s beach, Sun loses her wedding ring, and on the other side of the island Michael, Jin, Sawyer and the Tail Section survivors prepare to make their way across the island, when Michael suddenly runs off looking for Walt. Jin and Eko chase after them and in the process hide after Eko hears noises, while hiding Jin and Eko witness many people walking in front of them barefoot through the jungle. Sun finds her missing wedding ring buried along with the messages when she brings Kate there.

Shannon and Sayid consummate their relationship, and Shannon sees a vision of Walt when Sayid leaves the tent. Michael, Eko and Jin catch up with Sawyer, Ana-Lucia, Bernard, Libby and Cindy in the jungle and proceed forward after Eko informs the group that he saw “Them”.

November 8, 2004 - Day 48

After Shannon leaves the camp to search for Walt with Vincent, Sayid follows behind her to convince her to stop. Sawyer’s infection worsens while traveling across the island and Michael suggests that a stretcher be built to carry him. While carrying Sawyer of a steep hill, Cindy vanishes from sight and the group hears whispers surrounding them. Sayid informs Shannon that he believes her and that he loves her, and then sees the vision of Walt for himself. Directly after this, Shannon chases after the vision and is accidentally shot by Ana-Lucia.

Sayid and Eko fight, and Sayid is tied to a tree, Eko carries Sawyer back to the camp and is taken to the Swan Station. Michael encounters Sun who brings him to Jack and Locke in the hatch. Bernard, Jin, and Libby head toward the beach and reunite with their fellow 815 survivors and Jack and Ana-Lucia reunite in the jungle.

November 9, 2004 - Day 49

While in the jungle, Kate sees a horse and believes she is hallucinating. Kate convinces Jack to attend Shannon’s funeral and stays with Sawyer in the hatch. Shannon is buried, Jack and Kate kiss in the middle of the jungle and Kate retreats directly afterward. Sawyer awakens inside the hatch and is taken outside by Kate and sees the same horse she did.

Paulo returns to the hatch he and Nikki discovered and finds his way to the washroom. He hides the diamonds in the toilet tank, but before he can leave, Ben and Juliet enter the facility and turn on a video feed to the Swan. He overhears them discussing a plan to use Michael to lure Shephard, Austen, and Ford to them. After they leave, Paulo takes a walkie-talkie that one of them left behind.

Eko and Locke splice together a piece of the Orientation film that Eko found inside the Arrow Station hidden inside a Bible. Michael receives a message via the Hatch’s computer from someone he believes to be Walt.

November 10, 2004 - Day 50

Claire informs Eko of the Virgin Mary statue that Charlie is in possession of, and Eko smashes it exposing the heroin inside. Eko confront Charlie to bring him to where he obtained it. Inside the hatch, Michael is able to once again utilize contact with the person he believes to be Walt, and is interrupted by Jack who informs him that first chance they get, they are going to form a team and pursue his captors. While in the jungle Eko and Charlie encounter the “Monster”, and Eko stares into the “face” of it and it presented with flashes of his past before his eyes. After discovering the plane, Eko finds a corpse inside the plane and realizes that it was his brother, Yemi. Eko presents Charlie with a replacement statue for the one he broke and the two set the plane ablaze as a memorial for Eko’s brother. When Charlie returns, Claire kicks Charlie out of their tent for lying to her. Charlie heads into the jungle where he places his new statue with ones he had already obtained in a secret hiding place.

November 11, 2004 - Day 51
  • Occurred Off-Screen

The events of this day have either not yet been revealed, or occurred off-screen due to either plot points yet to be revealed, or the fact that there were no relevant happenings.

November 12, 2004 - Day 52

Michael visits Locke to borrow a gun, and strikes him in the back of the head, knocking him out. He proceeds to the computer to contact Walt for information on how to get where he is being held. Jackawakes in the Hatch to find Locke knocked out in the gun room, and finds Michael holding him at gunpoint, Michael informs him that he is going after Walt and locks the two inside. After Kate and Sawyer release them, Jack, Locke and Sawyer head across the island pursuing Michael and they discover that he is actually heading a different direction than where there originally came back from.

Michael heads north until he finds an "Other" named Pickett directly in front of him. Michael points his gun at the man and is apprehended from behind by Tom. When Michael runs away he is struck with Tom's bola and is captured.

At night, while trying to re-find the trail, “The Others" warn them that this is not their island, but rather the Other’s island. Tom tells them to turn back, and when Jack refuses, Tom presents his hostage Kate who was following them. Alex asks Michael about Claire and her baby, and if hey are alright. Jack, Locke and Sawyer surrender their weapons, the Others retreat back into the jungle, and the four head back to their camp.

November 13, 2004 - Day 53

Jack, Sawyer, Locke and Kate return to the camp in the morning, and Jack speaks with Ana-Lucia and asks her if it was true that she killed one of the others, when she confirms his question and informs him that she was previously a cop he asks her how long she thinks it would take to train an army.

November 14, 2004 - Day 54

Michael is brought to the Others Camp by Tom and his followers. Michael meets with Ms. Klugh who proceeds to ask him questions about Walt and then tells Michael that she believes he doesn't know anything about his son.

Charlie has a nightmare that involves Aaron being trapped in a piano. Charlie approaches Claire and asks if they can return to their old relationship and Claire denies his request. Charlie has another nightmare and awakens in the middle of the night holding Aaron in his arms. Claire along with the rest of the camp rushes over to see this, and Claire slaps Charlie.

November 15, 2004 - Day 55

Charlie seeks out Locke in the jungle, and requests that he put in a good word for him, to which he is met with a question about whether he has been using the heroin or not. Charlie tells Locke that he and Eko burned all of the statues. Libby and Hurley do laundry in the hatch, and Hurley believes that he knew Libby before the flight. While Eko is marking off the trees that he likes, Charlie tells him about the dreams he has been having, Eko then makes him question the possibility that what if he really does have to save the baby. Jack informs Ana-Lucia of why they turned around after the confrontation with “The Others”. Locke discovers Charlie’s remaining Virgin Mary statues and takes them from him. That night, Charlie sets a fire near the camp and once again kidnaps Aaron. After Charlie hands the child back to Claire, he is met with three fierce punches from Locke as the camp walks away abandoning him.

November 16, 2004 - Day 56

On the beach, Charlie confesses to Jack that he started the fire while Jack gives him stitches. Charlie tells Jack that he’s not going to do anything like that again, and that he didn’t use heroin, but he wanted to. Claire and Aaron visit Eko, and Eko explains exactly what baptism is for, and Eko later baptizes the two. Locke changes the lock on the gun room, and places Charlie’s remaining Virgin Mary statues inside. Later that night, Charlie sits by himself on the beach, and places his hood over his head.

November 17, 2004 - Day 57

Jack brings all of the Marshal’s guns to the Swan’s armoury for safe keeping; Locke confides the combination to Jack. Kate reads to Sawyer on the beach, and Sawyer tells her of the army that Jack and Ana-Lucia had started. Sayid is approached by Hurley who provides him with the radio Bernard used to contact Boone with. While tending to her garden, Sun is attacked and dragged by an unseen assailant, Sawyer and Kate find her unconscious in the jungle. After the assumption is made that this was an attack by “The Others”, Jin demands a gun from Jack.

Kate suspects Ana of orchestrating the attack to get her hands on the guns, and sends Sawyer to warn Locke. When Jack and Jin open the hatch gun closet, they discover it empty and that Locke has moved all the guns. While on the beach, Locke is approached by Jack who furiously demands the guns. And the camp is startled when Sawyer opens fire to grab attention, and informs the camp that he has taken possession of the guns. Sayid uses the radio to attempts to pick up signals, and he and Hurley pick up a radio station playing the song “Moonlight Serenade”. Sawyer is approached in the jungle by Charlie and it is revealed that Charlie attacked Sun in order to make Locke look like a fool, Sawyer informs Charlie that he’s not a good person, and that he’s never done a good thing in his life.

Rousseau traps Ben - still only known under the name "Henry Gale" - in a net in the jungle, believing him to be "one of them".

November 18, 2004 - Day 58

Ana-Lucia informs Sayid that she believes she has spotted an "Other", only for Sayid to encounter Rousseau in the jungle. She presents him with "Henry" who she proceeds to shoot with an arrow, and tells Sayid to take him back to his camp to "talk to", in order to discover if he is "one of them". After bringing "Henry" back to the hatch, Sayid lock himself inside the armoury determined to retrieve answers. Sawyer finds out that "Hugo "Hurley" Reyes|Hurley]] has been hiding food taken from the hatch, and blackmails him into helping him find a tree frog, only for Sawyer to kill it once they've done so. Sayid is informed by "Henry" that he arrived on the island 4 months ago via balloon, and that his wife had died three weeks prior. When Sayid questions "Henry" as to the details of burying his wife, "Henry" states that he does not remember, however, Sayid says that he would remember, if it were true. Sayid proceeds to severely beat "Henry", and Jack has issues with this and forces Locke to open the armoury, or face whatever lies after the timer ends. Locke opens the armoury, and Jack halts the beating, however, Locke does not correctly enter the code in time, and the timer begins to flip from 000:00 to red Egyptian hieroglyphics, Locke enters the code, and the timer rights itself to 108:00 and whatever action was occurring inside, halts itself. Sayid remains confident that "Henry" is "one of them".

At night Claire tries to calm down Aaron. Claire thinks he is sick and asks Locke where Jack is. He tells her that he is in the hatch and that she should not go into the woods at night. He goes to the hatch and finds Jack asleep on the couch. Jack tells Locke that he has not said a word. Back at the beach, Danielle appears and says that Aaron is sick, that he is infected. Kate then scares Rousseau off. Jack comes to the beach and tells Claire to let Aaron's fever run its course.

November 19, 2004 - Day 59

Claire receives treatment from Libby which she believes will help regain her memories. Claire recalls being taken to a medical facility on the island, and Claire and Kate head into the jungle to find Rousseau who Claire believes was bringing her back there the night she scratched her. Eko begins construction on something which requires trees and the use of a saw. Eko also asks Jack if he can speak with "Henry". In the jungle Claire and Kate encounter Rousseau, and later a DHARMA Medical Station where Claire was previously kept, however, inside they do not find the vaccine that Claire believed would cure Aaron's illness. Eko confesses that he killed two "Others" the first night, then cuts of a piece of his beard off in front of "Henry". Aaron's fever breaks, and Claire is overjoyed. "Henry" asks why Jack makes the decisions, which offends Locke to the point that he has an emotional outburst destroying several plates.

November 20, 2004 - Day 60

Locke approaches Ana on the beach and asks her to speak with "Henry Gale" inside the hatch, while there she gets "Henry" to draw her a map leading to his balloon. Rose berates Bernard for not remember that it was her birthday. Sun believes she may be pregnant and gets a pregnancy test from Sawyer. Ana gets Sayid and Charlie to accompany her on the journey to the balloon. Sun’s pregnancy test reveals that she is pregnant. Ana-Lucia apologizes to Sayid for what she did, and Sayid forgives her believing that she was just protecting her people.

November 21, 2004 - Day 61

Sayid, Ana, and Charlie awake and continue to look for "Henry’s" balloon, only to find a wide open space. Ana convinces Sayid and Charlie to look as thoroughly as possible for it. Sun reveals to Jin that she is pregnant, and that it was he who was unable to conceive a child, and Jin believes it was a miracle that they had done so. "Henry" is let out of the armoury and is invited by Jack to join them for breakfast. The three proceed to the table where "Henry" eats cereal and explains to them that he drew the map for Ana, and what would happen to Ana, Charlie and Sayid if he actually was one of “them”.

Jack leaves the hatch to track down Ana and the group but is disappointed to learn that they left the day before. He is then roped into a game of poker with Sawyer, Kate and Hurley.

Inside the hatch, the blast doors come down, and Locke enlists the help of "Henry" to get them back up, swearing to protect him from any danger from the survivors. While trying to get the blast doors up, Locke tries to climb under the narrow opening provided and the doors suddenly slam down on his legs, pinning him. On the beach, Jack and Sawyer play for the medicine form the hatch, and Jack wins. Inside the hatch, "Henry" climbs through the vents to get to the computer to enter the code. The timer runs out yielding the same noises from when Locke failed to do so previous, and the lights turn off, and a black light suddenly illuminates the room revealing a map written onto the blast doors. Jack and Kate discover a supply drop of food near the hatch, and Sayid, Charlie and Ana return and inform them that "Henry" was lying.

November 22, 2004 - Day 62

The food from the supply drop is handed out to the camp. Hurley begins to see a former imaginary patient from Santa Rosa named Dave on the island and pursues him. Sayid nearly murders "Henry Gale" in the hatch, but is prevented from doing so by Ana-Lucia. Hurley fights with Sawyer after a misunderstanding on the beach. Hurley meets up with Dave who convinced him that the island and everything that has happened to him since he left the hospital, is all in his head. Dave leads Hurley to a cliff, and tells him that if he kills himself, he will snap out of his coma, and Dave leaps to his death from the cliff. Libby arrives in time to convince Hurley that everything around him is real, and that she is real, the two then kiss, and head back to the camp.

Michael finally gets to see Walt after being kidnapped for days. Walt explains that they make him take tests and that the Others are "pretending", however, Walt stops talking when Klugh threatens to put him back in the "room". When Walt is taken away he runs back to hug his father and states that he loves him. Michael agrees to return to his camp and free the captured prisoner and bring Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley back with him in exchange for the freedom of himself and his son.

November 23, 2004 - Day 63

Bernard enlists the help of his fellow survivors to assist him in the construction of an S.O.S. signal on the beach. Jack and Kate head into the jungle to made a trade with "The Others". Bernard's support diminishes and he is confronted by Rose who tells him that she believes the island cured her cancer, Bernard then makes the decision that they would never leave.

While in the jungle, Jack and Kate find Michael as he was running through and collapses in front of them.

November 24, 2004 - Day 64

Kate and Jack bring Michael back to the hatch, and wait for him to regain consciousness. Ana is attacked by "Henry", and is saved by Locke who comes to her aid. "Henry" tells Locke that when he was captured, he was on his way to complete his mission of bringing Locke back. Hurley plans a picnic date for Libby, but forgets to bring blankets, which Libby goes back for. Michael awakens and informs them that the Others are worse off than them, are barely armed, and that when he's strong enough he'll take them back to the camp. Ana and Sawyer engage in sexual intercourse, and Ana lifts his gun off him in the process. Jack, Kate and Locke head to the beach to get the guns from Sawyer, and inside the hatch Ana attempts to kill "Henry". When she cannot, Michael volunteers to do so, and murders Ana instead. Libby walks in to see this, and Michael accidentally fires upon her. He then enters the armoury, and fires upon himself.

As Jack, Locke, Kate and Sawyer head back to the hatch, they uncover Michael with a bullet hole in his arm after he burst through the hatch doors and into the jungle. The five enter the hatch and discover Libby and Ana's bodies and that "Henry" has escaped. Eko has a dream which he believes he must follow, and volunteers to look for "Henry" with Locke, who has tracking experience. While trekking through the jungle, Locke decides to head back, and is headbutted by Eko.

November 25, 2004 - Day 65

When Locke awakens, the two make their way to the fallen Beechcraft, and make camp for the night to await "further instruction". Jack gets Sawyer to give him the heroin stash and in the process gains access to the location of the gun stash when Kate accompanies Sawyer to his tent where they were hidden. Locke has a dream which instructs Eko to climb to the top of the cliff, once up there he spots that the ground has been salted to make a question mark in the ground. The two then discover the DHARMA Initiative Station 5: The Pearl which is a monitoring station. After viewing the orientation film inside, Locke become frustrated, and Eko states that if Locke will not continue to push the button, he will. Inside the Swan, Libby awakens and utters her final word of "Michael" and passes away.

Michael tells Jack that Kate, Sawyer and Hurley will accompany them to the Others Camp. Sawyer informs Sayid about the plan, and invites him to accompany them, however, Michael revokes that invitation stating that it has to be done his way. Charlie is informed by Eko that construction of the church will be halted because Eko has moved into the hatch and is supposed to "do something different" now. While building the church himself, Charlie is given a virgin Mary statue by Vincent, and then lead to the rest of them, Charlie proceeds to throw them in the ocean. Locke removes the splint from his leg and walks on his on power. Sayid informs Jack that he believes Michael freed "Henry" and is now leading them into a trap. At the funeral for Ana-Lucia and Libby, the survivors spot a sailboat approaching the island.

Jack, Sayid and Sawyer swim out to the boat and board it, only to discover that Desmond is inside. At night, Jack questions Desmond as to why he returned, and Desmond informs him that he was sailing for two weeks. Sayid reveals his plan of using the boat to sail to the Others Camp, scout them, and then release a black smoke to inform them where the meet him.

November 26, 2004 - Day 66

Locke enters the hatch in the hopes of convincing Eko not to be a slave to the button. Eko strikes him with his staff, and throws him out of the hatch. Michael leads Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley down the beach towards the Others camp. Sayid gains the use of the boat from Desmond and enlists Jin to sail with him to the other side of the island, and Sun insists on joining them. Charlie finds Locke in the jungle and informs him that Desmond has returned. Locke meets Desmond at night, and informs him of the Pearl station and how everything was an experiment. Locke then tells Desmond that they're going to get a good night sleep and then on the next day, they're going to find out what happens if that button isn't pushed.

November 27, 2004 - Day 67

While sailing, Sun, Jin, and Sayid discover a mysterious four-toed statue on the shore of the island. Desmond creates a lockdown in order to prevent Eko from gaining access into the computer room. Eko convinces Charlie to lead him to the dynamite in order to gain access to the computer.

Kate and Sawyer fire upon two Others that were following them, and manage to kill one of them. When Kate plans to follow the one that got away, Jack informs them that it doesn't matter if he gets away because they've already been warned, by Micheal. Jack screams at Michael to expose the truth about what happened, and the group continues on.

Eko and Charlie detonate the dynamite in the hatch, to which it has no effect on the blast doors. Sayid arrives at the Others' camp, only to discover that it has been abandoned, and that their hatch was a decoy. While traveling to meet the Others, Kate notices a large pile of tubes in the middle of the jungle. Inside these tubes were the notebooks from the Pearl Station. When Jack notices the black smoke he demands to know where Michael is taking them. Suddenly, whispers surround them, and they are one by one hit with blowdarts and knocked out, bagged, and kidnapped. Desmond discovers that the day he missed pushing the button, was the same day that Oceanic Flight 815 crashed. Desmond and Locke argue about pushing the button, and inevitably, Locke makes the decision to destroy the computer. Desmond makes the decision to climb underground and "blow the dam" by turning the DHARMA key which he took off of Kelvin. A sudden discharge occurs turning the sky to a bright and violet colour, while sending out a menacing sound.

"Henry" arrives to meet the Others at the Pala Ferry Dock and meets with Michael to thank him for everything and provide him with the boat, as well as his son, Walt. "Henry's" proper name, Ben, is revealed, and he tells Michael that he and the Others are "the good guys". Hurley is instructed to return to his camp to inform the other survivors that they can never come here. He pauses and glances at Jack, Kate and Sawyer before asking: "But what about my friends?" Ben's response: "Your friends are coming home with us."

At night on the beach, Claire and Charlie sit together and discuss what has happened. Claire holds Charlie's hand, and then turns to him and kisses him.

November 28, 2004 - Day 68

Jack, Kate and Sawyer are taken to the DHARMA Initiative's Hydra Station. The three are placed in three separate areas: Jack inside the aquarium; Sawyer inside a bear cage; and Kate inside a shower, and then later on the beach for breakfast with Ben. Jack is interrogated by Juliet inside his holding quarters and his escape attempt brings about the release of water into the station. Sawyer's escape attempt was aided by a fellow prisoner named Karl located in a cage opposite him, Juliet halted Sawyer's escape attempt, and he was re-imprisoned. Karl was forced by Tom to apologize, and he was not placed back in his cage. Sawyer discovered the feeding mechanism of his cage and receives animal feed, water, and a fish biscuit. Kate was later brought to the cage that Karl was previously occupied and was given the fish biscuit by Sawyer.

November 29, 2004 - Day 69

Kate and Sawyer are taken by Pickett and Tom to a work camp hauling rocks. During this, Kate is signaled by Alex, and in questioned about where she is being kept, how she obtained the dress she was wearing, and what happened to Karl. Sawyer in an act of instinct walks over to Kate and kisses her, only to be attacked from behind by Pickett. After a fight with 3 of the Others, Sawyer grabs a rifle and aims; however, Juliet already has Kate at gunpoint, to which he surrenders, only to be shocked by Pickett.

Sayid, Jin and Sun arrive at the Pala Ferry Dock with the Elizabeth, and Sayid informs Sun that it has been deserted for sometime. Sayid builds a fire in the hopes of luring the Others out to ambush them, capture two to interrogate, and kill the rest. Sun remains on the Elizabeth, while Jin and Sayid find an adequate viewpoint for their ambush.

After the implosion of the hatch, Locke awakes in the jungle unable to speak. While getting to his feet, Eko’s stick flies out of the sky, and lands at his feet. Locke returns to the camp and enlists Charlie’s help in the hopes of “speaking with the island”. Locke constructs a sweat lodge, and receives a vision from Boone who takes him through an airport and informs him that he needs to “clean up his own mess”. On their way to confront a polar bear, Locke and Charlie encounter Hurley, and inform him of their mission. Locke and Charlie make their way to a cave; Locke enters and burns a polar bear who has taken Eko captive. Hurley finds Desmond naked in the jungle, and provides him with a shirt to wear. Desmond informs Hurley that Locke is going to rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer, despite the fact that Locke had yet to make an announcement about this. Locke and Charlie return to camp with Hurley, Desmond and a wounded Eko. Locke instructs the camp on what to do, and then makes his speech that Desmond had referenced to Hurley earlier that day.

While waiting to ambush the Others, Sayid and Jin do not notice the Others boarding the Elizabeth. While onboard, Sun grabs a handgun from the tarp and uses it as a defense mechanism against Colleen who has boarded and is pursuing her. Sun orders her to stop, but when she does not, Sun fires. Sun makes her escape, narrowly escaping fire from Tom, the Others escape with the boat, and Jin brings Sun back to the shore.

Jack is confronted by Ben who properly introduces himself as “Benjamin Linus” and informs him that the date in November 29, 2004 and that the survivors have been on the island for 69 days and that during that time George W. Bush had been re-elected, Christopher Reeve had passed away, and that the Red Sox had won the World Series. Upon hearing this, Jack chuckles at his extreme disbelief, only to be shown a videotape of the occurrence on a television. Ben offers to send Jack home as long as he is willing to co-operate with him.

November 30, 2004 - Day 70

A wounded Colleen is brought back to the Hydra by her team on a stretcher. After a failed escape attempt, Ben takes Sawyer inside the Hydra Station complex where Jason and Matthew fake a surgery in order to con Sawyer into believing that he had been implanted with a pacemaker that would kill him if his heart rate rose too high. Ben then threatened to do the same to Kate if Sawyer tells her anything. Meanwhile, Juliet enlists Jack's help in doomed attempt to save Colleen. Upon seeing his wife's death, Pickett storms out to the cages where he beats Sawyer until Kate says that she loves him. After Pickett leaves, Kate attempts to free herself and Sawyer, but returns to her cage when Sawyer refuses to run with her, and she retracts her statement about loving him.

On the beach, Desmond claims that Claire's roof needs fixing and suggests that she move down the beach while he fixes it, but she refuses. Desmond then sets about building a lightning rod, right next to Claire's shelter, out of wood, bamboo, wire, and a golf club he took from Paulo. A storm soon starts up, and the lightning rod is struck by a bolt of lightning.

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