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December 1, 2004 - Day 71

Early in the morning Ben wakes Sawyer to go on a walk so he can show him something. On the way, Ben reveals that they never put a pacemaker in Sawyer. He then shows Sawyer that they are actually on a separate island from the one the plane crashed on.

That night, Ben brings Jack out to Colleen's funeral. Before they set out, however, Jack confronts him about a set of x-rays he saw in the Hydra's medical facility that show that Ben is dying of spinal cancer. On the beach, Sayid has returned and checks in on Eko. Eko then has a vision of his brother, Yemi telling him that it is time for him to be judged. His tent catches on fire, and he is rescued just in time by Sayid, Hurley, and Charlie. However, in the confusion, Eko manages to disappear.

December 2, 2004 - Day 72

Desmond suggests to Locke and Sayid that the computer in the Pearl may be used for contact with the others. Locke assembles the team of Sayid, Desmond, Nikki and Paulo to accompany him to find both; The Pearl; and Eko who is on his way to the Beechcraft which lies above the Pearl. Locke and his party catch up with Eko in the jungle just after the Monster had snuck up behind Eko. Ben speaks privately with Jack and reveals that he does in fact has a fatal tumor situated on his spine and that Jack's arrival on the island reaffirmed his faith in God. After finding his brother's body missing, Eko wanders into the jungle in search of answers.

Inside the Pearl, Paulo retrieves the hidden diamonds while Locke, Desmond, and Sayid attempt to make computer contact with any of the other stations.

After Nikki points out the possibility that the monitors connect to the other stations, they connect the televisions to a camera in a different hatch and they see a man with an eye-patch staring into the camera, and then watch him turn it off. Eko follows his vision of Yemi through the jungle further and further, until he is violently attacked by the Monster which lifts him into the air crashing him into trees and finally to the ground. Before Eko dies, he says to Locke that the group was "next".

Locke and Sayid head back to the camp to retrieve Eko's stick for a fitting burial which was held in the jungle as Locke felt the camp had already attended too many funerals. During the funeral, Locke notices a message on Eko's stick which peaks his interest. Juliet confronts Kate at the work camp and brings her into the Hydra in the hopes that she can convince Jack to perform the surgery, and that if she doesn't, they'll kill Sawyer. During their encounter, Jack becomes enraged and tells Kate that they're done and Kate is escorted back to her cage. Kate leaves her cage during a conversation with Sawyer, and breaks the lock on his and enters. Sawyer reveals to Kate what Ben showed him about them being on an Alcatraz style island different from the one they've come to know. As the two become caught up in their words, they surrender to temptation, and engage in sexual intercourse.

As Jack waits in his room, he hears Alex telling him to try the door, and Jack escapes and makes his way to Ben's viewing room, and removes and handgun from the closet, and then notices Kate and Sawyer laying together in the cage. Ben arrives and Jack agrees to perform the surgery in the morning under the condition that he can leave the island, to which Ben agrees.

December 3, 2004 - Day 73

Jack and Juliet being to perform the surgery on Ben, with Tom, Pickett, and Jason watching on. During this, Pickett and Jason head for Sawyer's cage, and remove him. Sawyer is held at gunpoint and Pickett tells Kate to watch. Jack makes an incision in Ben's kidney, which will cause Ben to die in one hours time due to the bleeding. He demands Tom to get Kate on the walkie talkie, to which he agrees. As Pickett is preparing to avenge Colleen's death, he is radioed by Tom who orders him to give it to Kate. Jack informs Kate that she and Sawyer have one hour to leave the island before they come after them. Kate tells Jack that she can't leave without him, to which he screams at her to run.

Kate and Sawyer escape from Pickett and Jason and head into the jungle with them in pursuit, and they are helped by Alex who hides with them in underground hole. She says that she'll let them use her boat if they free Karl who is being held in a Hydra Facility inside Room 23 which contains a brainwashing film. After doing so, the four make their way to shore, but are stopped by Pickett, however, this doesn't last long as Juliet kills Pickett on the beach by shooting him. Jack completes Ben's surgery at the insistence of Juliet, and with the assistance of Tom. Juliet informs him that she has been on the island for over three years and that Ben has agreed to let her go free.

Locke and Sayid inform Charlie and Hurley about Eko's death, and Desmond suddenly rushes to shore to save Claire from drowning. Charlie and Hurley devise a plan to get Desmond drunk enough to reveal how he is able to tell the future, however, it ends in Charlie calling Desmond a coward, and being strangled for it. Desmond then reveals that it was Charlie's life that he was actually saving.

While on the water, Kate and Sawyer debate about whether or not to return for Jack, and ultimately it is decided to keep heading to the main island, and then make camp for the night.

December 4, 2004 - Day 74

Jack awakens to find Cindy, Zack, Emma and other captured Tail Section survivors outside his cage, and is asked how Ana-Lucia is doing. Juliet is put on trial for her murder of Pickett, however, it is commuted by Ben, and she is marked with a strange symbol on her back. Sawyer allow Karl to leave stating that he should go after Alex. The Others later leave the Hydra island and proceed back to the main island.

December 5, 2004 - Day 75

Vincent leads Hurley to a van that once belonged to the DHARMA Initiative containing the remains of a man named Roger. Kate and Sawyer finally arrive back at the beach camp. Kate heads back into the jungle, seeking help to rescue Jack. Hurley, Charlie, Jin, and Sawyer manage to get the van running once again. That night, Locke and Sayid catch up Kate in the jungle just in time for all three of them to meet up with Rousseau. Kate then proceeds to inform Rousseau about her recent experience with the Others and tells her about being helped by Rousseau's daughter, Alex.

December 6, 2004 - Day 76

Locke and Sayid catch up Kate in the jungle just in time for all three of them to meet up with Rousseau. Kate then proceeds to inform Rousseau about her recent experience with the Others and tells her about being helped by Rousseau's daughter, Alex.

December 7, 2004 - Day 77
  • Occurred Off-Screen

The events of this day have either not yet been revealed, or occurred off-screen due to either plot points yet to be revealed, or the fact that there were no relevant happenings.

December 8, 2004 - Day 78
  • Occurred Off-Screen

The events of this day have either not yet been revealed, or occurred off-screen due to either plot points yet to be revealed, or the fact that there were no relevant happenings.

December 9, 2004 - Day 79

Sayid, Locke, Kate and Rousseau discover the Flame Station. There they encounter Mikhail Bakunin, an Other posing as the last member of the DHARMA Initiative. Sayid sees through the facade, they discover Bea Klugh hiding the basement of the station. In the ensuing struggle, Mikhail shoots Klugh but is prevented from killing himself. With Mikhail as their prisoner, the group then heads off toward the where Sayid believes the Others to by living, based on a map that they found in the Flame Station. Back on the beach, Sawyer plays a game of ping pong with Hurley with the stakes being that, if he wins, he gets his stuff back, and if he loses, he can't call anyone by his nicknames for one week. Hurley beats him but still returns some of his magazines to him.

December 10, 2004 - Day 80

Sayid, Locke, Kate, and Rousseau, along with their prisoner, Mikhail Bakunin, continue their way to the Others. Along the way, Mikhail reveals that Ben isn't the leader and there is someone at a higher rank then him, who brought them all to the island on the submarine. He also reveals Locke, Kate, and Sayid's last names and almost reveals Locke's paralysis, but is interrupted when Rousseau discovers a security fence. Locke then pushes Mikhail through it and he starts bleeding out of his ears until he dies. So they cut down a tree and lay it over a pole, then climb over it. They then walk a ways, until they come across the Barracks, and see Jack socializing with the Others.

Back at the other side of the island, Charlie sets up a picnic for him and Claire, but is canceled after Desmond asks Charlie to go hunting with him. Claire then thinks of a was to get them rescued by using birds. But after building a trap with Jin and Sun, it fails once Desmond scares the bird away with a gunshot. Claire then follows Desmond to a rocky beach where he catches a bird for her. Desmond tells Claire about him seeing the future and about Charlie's eventual death. Claire writes a note with Charlie and they attach it to the bird's leg and let it fly away.

Waiting until nightfall, Kate and Sayid sneak into the barracks to make contact with Jack, but they get captured. Meanwhile, Locke sets off on his own to find Ben with the intention of blowing up the submarine. Sayid meets Alex and tells her she looks like her mother, whom Alex had believed to be dead.

December 11, 2004 - Day 81

Locke makes his way to the submarine with Alex while Rousseau, watching from afar, sees her daughter for the first time in sixteen years. Just as Jack and Juliet approach the submarine to leave the island, they meet Locke walking back from it. He apologizes to Jack just as the submarine explodes.

At the beach, Paulo tells Nikki that it was for the best that they never found the diamonds, and she accepts it. However, as he leaves, she finds his nicotine gum, which had been in the same bag as the diamonds. Realizing that he lied to her, she asks Sawyer for a gun, but when he refuses, she decides to use Arzt's Medusa spider to send Paulo into a death-like paralysis. While he was paralyzed, she found the diamonds on him, but she, herself, was bitten when several male spiders swarmed the area, attracted by the female's pheromones. She barely has time to bury the diamonds and stumble out to the beach before collapsing in front of Sawyer and Hurley. She tries to tell them she's paralyzed, but they misunderstand her words.

Believing Nikki to be dead, Hurley, Sawyer, Jin, and Charlie set out to investigate theorizing that they were perhaps killed by the Others or the monster. In the end, they come to the conclusion that they poisoned each other for the diamonds. When the subject of the Others comes up, Charlie privately admits to Sun that it was him, and not the Others that had attacked her in the garden. Sun confronts Sawyer over his part in the attack. Later, they survivors bury Nikki and Paulo alive, just as the effects of the spiders' venom was beginning to wear off.

December 12, 2004 - Day 82

Juliet and Ben discuss their plan for her to infiltrate the survivors' camp, and Ryan sets out to plant some vaccine by Ethan's old drop point to facilitate the plan.

Later, while Locke is back in the Others' custody, Ben leads him to a room where inside is none other than Locke's own father.

Locke inquires as to how Cooper made it to the island, and Ben replies that it was Locke who brought him there. When John attempts to question Cooper, he removes the gag and it bitten violently by Cooper, who is then tazered by Tom. Ben then informs him that they are headed to a new place, but then correct himself by calling it "an old place", and invites Locke to join them, to which he accepts.

Later that afternoon, Locke comes to the game room to see Kate. He tells her that he is leaving with the Others. He also tells her that, even though he argued in her defense, the Others were unwilling to take her, due to their knowledge of what she had done to Wayne Jansen.

From the game room, Kate watches as several Others don gas masks. They then gas Kate, Jack, and Sayid before leaving the barracks. When Kate comes to, she finds herself in the jungle, handcuffed to Juliet. She tries to free herself but is unable to.

Back at the beach, Hurley tells Sawyer that the camp is planning on holding a vote the next day to decide whether or not to banish Sawyer. He suggests that Sawyer shape up in order to convince the group to let him stay. Sawyer is hesitant at first, but he eventually agrees when it becomes obvious that he does not have the skills to fend for himself.

That night, Kate makes Juliet head back to the barracks for Jack. It begins to rain, and Juliet tells Kate that it is not a good idea, blaming Kate for Jack being unable to leave the island. Kate attacks Juliet once again, dislocating her arm. Their fight is interrupted the sounds of the monster approaching they seek shelter inside a dense clump of trees. The monster comes very close to them, and strange flashes of light wash over them, and the the monster leaves. Juliet claims to have never seen the monster before and has Kate reset her arm. At the beach, Hurley begins helping Sawyer. He suggests that he take a blanket to Claire for Aaron. After an awkward conversation, which ends pretty well, Sawyer heads back to his tent, and Hurley gives him a thumbs-up.

December 13, 2004 - Day 83

Sawyer convinces Desmond to take him boar hunting, so that he can bribe the camp by providing them with meat. They soon spot a boar, and Desmond shoots it. They take it back to the beach, where Sawyer roasts it for everyone. While everyone is eating, Sawyer tells Charlie to remember this when they vote. Charlie says that he doesn't know anything about any vote. Realizing Hurley was lying, Sawyer confronts him. Hurley explains that, with Jack, Locke, Kate, and Sayid all gone, the people are turning to Sawyer to lead them. So, Hurley decided to force Sawyer into a more responsible position, pointing out that, even though it was under false pretenses, Sawyer did manage to bring a little happiness to the camp, if only for one day.

Kate, still handcuffed to Juliet, wakes up and the two set out back toward the barracks. Before too long, they once again heard the ominous sounds of the monster approaching. As they ran, Juliet led them toward the sonic fence. When Kate refused to pass through it, Juliet unlocks the handcuffs with a key she had had all along. Then, entering a code on a key pad, she gains access to the fence's power switch, warning Kate she would want to be on her side of the fence very soon. Once Kate joins her, she switches on the fence, just in time to stop the monster, which soon retreats. Juliet explains to an angry Kate that all the Others know about the monster is that it doesn't like their fences and that she handcuffed herself to Kate, because it was the only way she thought she would not get left behind a second time. They make their way back to the barracks, find Jack and Sayid, and set out to return to the beach camp.

As they prepare to make camp for the night, Sayid gets Juliet alone and begins to question her. However, Jack steps in and tells Sayid that Juliet is under his protection.

December 14, 2004 - Day 84

On the beach, Charlie finds Claire asleep with Aaron crying loudly. Concerned, he offers to watch Aaron, while Claire rests. Not long after, while he and Hurley are preparing oatmeal for breakfast, Claire wakes up and asks for some aspirin for a headache she had developed. Sawyer quickly agrees to get her some aspirin, but before he can make it to his tent, he spots Jack coming around a corner and back into the camp. As the survivors rush to greet their friends back home, Sawyer and Kate share a long, heart-felt hug. The reunion is interrupted, however, when Sawyer spots Juliet. As the survivors try to decide what to do with Juliet, they send Hurley to keep on eye on her. He proceeds to talk to her about Ethan kidnapping Claire and burying Ethan after Charlie killed him.

That night, the survivors are still unable to decide what to do with Juliet. While they are discussing the matter, Claire's symptoms become much worse as she begins to cough up blood and fall unconscious. Juliet tells Jack and Kate that Claire is going into withdrawal from the vaccine that Ethan had been giving her (although, it was actually a reaction to the activation of an implant the Others had placed in her during her captivity), and she said that there would still be some left over where Ethan hid it. Jack tells her to hurry and get the vaccine. Sawyer and Sayid agree that they are both uncomfortable with the way Jack seems to trust Juliet so implicitly.

December 15, 2004 - Day 85

It is early morning by the time Juliet gets to the Ethan's drop point and finds the case Ryan left for her. She is confronted by Sawyer and Sayid, who intend to interrogate her. She deflects their questions by reminding them of their own past sins and telling them that they're endangering Claire's life. They let her go, and she administers and injection of the vaccine to Claire. Claire quickly recovers, and Jack, gives Juliet a tarp and some blankets and pillows say that she is "one of us", now. Juliet uses the tarp and some bamboo to construct a shelter for herself, cementing her place in the survivors' community.

December 16, 2004 - Day 86

Desmond foresees himself, Charlie, Jin and Hurley walking through the jungle, and sees Charlie being struck in the throat by an arrow trap that Rousseau had setup. He then sees a parachutist and also a photograph of himself and Penny. Desmond convinces Charlie to come along with him, and then later Hurley. Kate has sex with Sawyer once more inside his tent. Hurley then convinces Jin to come under the belief that they are going camping. Sawyer discovers that the reason Kate had sex with him was because she felt rejected by Jack.

December 17, 2004 - Day 87

Desmond, Charlie, Jin, and Hurley hear a helicopter out in the ocean, and then hear it crash. They then see a parachutist descend into the jungle. The group discovers a backpack which contains a book entitled Ardil-22, a satellite phone, and a photograph of Desmond and Penny. Desmond prevents Charlie from being killed by Rousseau's arrow trap. After the group finds the parachutist, Desmond removes the mask, to reveal a woman named Naomi, who recognizes Desmond.

Naomi appears to be very badly injured, and Hurley accidentally fires the flare gun. Juliet and Sun visit the Staff Medical station to perform a test which will ultimately prove who the father of her child is. Mikhail suddenly emerges from the jungle, and attempts to escape but is caught by Jin. Mikhail offers a compromise of treating Naomi's punctured lung and in exchange for his freedom. The deal is ultimately accepted by Desmond. After performing the surgery, Mikhail makes his escape, but Jin pursues, and discovers that Mikhail attempted to steal her satellite phone.

December 18, 2004 - Day 88

Juliet and Sun perform the ultrasound and according to Juliet's calculations, Jin is the father of the baby, however, this means that historically speaking, Sun may die during the pregnancy. Juliet records a message for Ben stating that Sun is pregnant, and that she will attempt to collect samples of the other woman. Before leaving, Juliet says to herself "I hate you." in reference to Ben. Naomi suddenly awakens, and Hurley introduces himself as a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, Naomi corrects him by stating that they found the plane, and that there were no survivors.

While setting up their new camp at the Ruins, Cindy informs Locke that the group is excited to have him with them. Ben informs Locke of their plan to kidnap the pregnant woman from his camp. That night Locke is awaken by Ben, and is put before the group to kill his father, per their agreement that if he does, Ben will reveal the island's secrets. However, Locke is unable to kill his father, and Ben proclaims that Locke is not the man that they though he was.

December 19, 2004 - Day 89

Richard approaches Locke and formally introduces himself, and then explains that what Ben had done to him was primarily to embarrass him. He then goes on to explain that Ben had been wasting their time with novelties like fertility problems, and that he wanted John to find his purpose, and to do so, his father would have to go. Richard then hands Locke a red folder, which contains Sawyer's information, when Locke inquires as to why Sawyer would kill his father, Richard tells him to keep reading.

December 20, 2004 - Day 90

The Other's begin to dismantle their camp and make their way across the island, leaving Cooper and Locke at the ruins. Ben states that he'll leave a trail that he can track, but adds not to bother, unless he is carrying his father's body on his back. While inside the Black Rock with Cooper, Locke reads over Sawyer's folder.

December 21, 2004 - Day 91

Locke approaches Sawyer and informs him that he captured Ben, and that Sawyer was going to kill him. Locke leads them to the brig of the Black Rock, and locks Sawyer inside with Anthony Cooper. While outside, Locke sees Danielle enter the Black Rock, to retrieve dynamite. Naomi explains that Oceanic Flight 815 was found off the coast of Bali, and that all of the bodies were inside. Naomi tells them that she was hired by Penelope Widmore to find Desmond.

Sawyer discovers that Anthony Cooper is the original Sawyer who was responsible for the deaths of his parents, and strangles Cooper with a length of metal chains. Kate finds out about Naomi and insists on telling Jack, and when Jack inquires as to why he wasn't told sooner, Kate states that they don't trust him anymore. Locke hands Sawyer a tape recorder and informs him that Juliet is a mole. Locke begins to carry his father's corpse to the Other's new camp.

Locke finally arrives at the Other's camp with his father's body on his back, and requests that Ben live up to his end of their bargain and reveal the secrets of the island. Ben informs John of Jacob, and then refuses to bring Locke to see Jacob. Mikhail arrives to the camp and informs Ben of Naomi, and Ben insists on dealing with the matter, however, Locke would rather meet Jacob beforehand. Mikhail becomes suspicious when Ben explains himself to Locke, and questions him about it, and is then sent to the ground and repeatedly pummeled by Locke.

Ben and Locke arrive at Jacob's house, and inside it appears to be empty, however, Ben insists that there is somebody sitting in the empty chair. As Locke heads for the exit, he hears a voice say "Help Me", and when he shines his flashlight towards Ben, objects inside the room begin to move, and Locke suddenly sees a man sitting in the chair, and flees from the house. Sawyer gathers the beach camp and plays Juliet's message, to which Juliet informs him to flip the tape which contains Ben's instructions on what to do to prepare for the Other's imminent raid on the pregnant women.

December 22, 2004 - Day 92

Ben brings Locke to a mass grave filled with former DHARMA Initiative members, and states that he was formerly a member as well. Ben tells Locke that he was one of the few people smart enough to not end up in that pit, and says that it makes him considerably smarter than Locke, at which point he shoots Locke, who falls backwards into the grave.

Jack leads several of the survivors into an open clearing in the jungle and informs the group that he has a plan to deal with the Others. He calls upon Rousseau, and she detonates a tree nearby, and Jack goes on to explain that the tents are going to be marked, and when they arrive to collect the pregnant women, that they're going to blow them all to hell. Ben informs the group that Jacob had changed their plan and that they would be attacking the survivor's camp much sooner than expected, and that their instructions are to kidnap all of the women, and if any of the men interfere, to kill them. Alex calls upon Karl to head to the survivors camp to warn them.

When the plan is finalized, a complication arises with the Looking Glass station and how to deactivate it. Desmond informs Charlie that he had a vision of Claire and Aaron being rescued by helicopter, and that in order to save them, he would have to go to the station, and deactivate it, but in doing so he would die. Jack leads the survivors on their way to the radio tower, and Jin, Sayid, and Bernard stay behind to fire at the dynamite when they Others arrive to kidnap the women.

Charlie successfully makes his way into the Looking glass, but is suddenly held at gunpoint by Bonnie and Greta when they enter the moon pool area.

Bonnie radios Ben to inform him of Juliet's betrayal, however, it is too late to radio the team to warn them as they had turned off their walkies. Ben sends Mikhail down to the Looking Glass station. When the Others arrive at the camp to kidnap the pregnant women, Sayid and Bernard successfully detonate their tents killing five of the Others, however Jin fails, but shoots Matthew and Luke in the process. Jin is taken hostage by Ryan, Bernard is subdued by Tom, and Sayid is taken at gunpoint by Jason. Jack convinces the group to press on towards the Radio Tower, despite the fact that there were only two explosions. After Ryan was instructed by Ben to kill Jin, Bernard reveals that the survivors were on their way to the radio tower.

December 23, 2004 - Day 93

Sawyer explains to Jack that he is heading back to the camp to help Jin, Sayid and Bernard, and Juliet agrees to accompany him as well. When Hurley attempts to join them, Sawyer refuses stating that he would just slow them down.

Locke awakens in the mass grave with an open would on his abdomen, and realizes that he is unable to move his legs. When Locke is about to relieve himself of his pain with a gun, he is stopped by what appears to be Walt Lloyd, who tells Locke that he has work to do. Ben tells Richard Alpert to lead the rest of the Others to "The Temple." Ben is now going to see the survivors with Alex, to persuade Jack not to call Naomi's ship for rescue.

Jack's group is intercepted by Ben and Alex. Ben speaks to Jack alone and tells him that Naomi is not who she says she is and that if he is successful in making contact with her boat, it will be disastrous for everyone on the island. Ben tells Jack to get Naomi's phone, or the surviving Others at the beach will shoot their detainees. Jack does not comply and hears three gunshots. Distraught, Jack beats Ben severely, and brings him back to the group. Rousseau and Alex meet and they tie Ben up.

Mikhail promptly makes his way to the station and shoots at Desmond, making Desmond dive into the water. He goes down to the Looking Glass and hides in a closet. Mikhail arrives and kills Greta and fatally wounds Bonnie. As he is about to finish her off, Desmond emerges and shoots Mikhail through the chest with a spear gun.

At the beach, it is revealed that the shots were fired into the sand, and none of the three survivors were killed, but are still in captivity. Unarmed, Sawyer and Juliet are watching from the trees, and much to the surprise of everyone, Hurley drives the van he found onto the beach, running over Ryan. Sawyer distracts Jason, and Sayid breaks his neck. Tom, unable to reach his gun, surrenders. However, Sawyer fatally shoots him in the chest, claiming it was revenge for taking Walt off the raft. Hurley uses Tom's walkie-talkie to contact Jack and tells him what happened.

Bonnie gives Charlie the code to switch the jamming off before she dies. Charlie enters the code, disabling the signal jammer, as Desmond goes to get scuba gear. Charlie is contacted by Penelope via a video transmission. Charlie asks about the boat located off shore; Penelope, confused, says that she did not send the boat that Naomi claims to be from, and does not know who Naomi is. With a grenade, Mikhail blasts the window of the jamming room, and Charlie locks the door to save Desmond from drowning with him. Before he drowns, Charlie writes "Not Penny's Boat" on his hand and shows it to Desmond through the window.

The trek party, now able to get a signal, arrive at the radio tower. Rousseau disables her distress signal, freeing the frequency for Naomi. She is stabbed in the back by Locke, who claims that if Jack makes the call, Locke will kill Jack. Jack invites him to do so, but Locke is unable to. Against the wishes of Ben and Locke, Jack communicates with Minkowski on Naomi's boat, who tells the survivors that they will be sending rescue.

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