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In ‘Across the sea’ we saw what was being protected for the first time. But what did you see and what did you understand?

In Vedanta (an ancient system of Indian wisdom) Dharma is the force of nature that upholds existence, and existence involves evolution. During the process of evolution, one entity or situation is destroyed and a new one created. Therefore, the process of evolution is created by two opposing forces working together in harmony, the process of destruction and a process of creation. In many religions, we see these two opposing forces represented by good and evil or as in Lost, black and white!

Jacob and his brother here, represent the two opposing forces, set in motion to uphold existence and allow evolution to continue. This is why the man in black cannot leave the island and in the real world can never leave the island!! Jacob and man in black must stay intact if the Island and the world is to survive.

The wisdom in this episode of lost is beautiful, profound and indeed deserves to be disseminated. This is the most basic law of nature made clear to us on main stream TV. The next time you experience hardship in your life and things seem to be falling down around your ears, remember that evolution is occurring right there and when that period of destruction is finished, a period of growth and prosperity will follow. Just like the economic boom and bust cycles. At the end of the bust, while the dust is settling your country appointed a new and improved leader as did Britain recently!

I urge all Lost fans to look beneath the story line and examine the ageless wisdom that is present in Lost - this is more than just a hit TV show, it is a sign of the times we are living in and a work of art.

Think about Lost - there are so many fundamental truths on which the story line is based it is amazing! Please respond to this - tell me if you think it's a load of crap or what you see below the surface in lost!

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