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The United States Army
US Army
Name The United States Army
Country United States
Introduced In What Kate Did
Type Armed Forces

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The United States Army is one of the armed forces of the United States and has primary responsibility for land-based military operations.

Sayid and Sgt. Sam AustenEdit

During the Gulf War, Sayid was a soldier for the Republican Guard, and was captured by US soldiers when they raided the intelligence bunker where he was. Sgt. Buccelli was the soldier who discovered that Sayid spoke English and requested to know where the commanding officer was, Sayid lied claiming that the commanding officer fled to Hillah two hours previous. Buccelli struck Sayid with his rifle, and later presented him to Sgt. Sam Austen, who attempted to use Sayid's English to attempt to gain information from Tariq who knew where a captured US Pilot was being held. When Sayid's attempts to gain information from Tariq were met with insults and comments that questioned Sayid's loyalty to the Iraqi Army, Sayid stated quite simple that "he does not know". Sgt. Austen turned the case over to a man named Inman who worked for the DIA and was able to coerce Sayid into torturing Tariq for the information they needed. Sayid was later driven to the outskirts and into a field and released by Inman and the US Army, he was presented with $1000 US, and "a new skill set".

Sgt. Sam Austen and KateEdit

About a decade after the Gulf War, Sgt. Austen was stationed at a United States Army Base where he worked as a recruiting officer. One day, Sam was paid a visit by his daughter Kate who was on the run from the US Marshals at the time. She revealed to him that she was aware that he wasn't her biological father, and she wanted to know why he didn't tell her the truth. He responded by saying that he didn't tell her because he knew she'd kill him. Sam then told Kate that he was going to have to call the US Marshals, and Kate requested an hour to flee, he agreed, hugged his daughter another time, and tearfully watched as his daughter left his life once more.


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Formerly CapturedEdit

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