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The Meaning of the TempleEdit

Like all Dharma stations, the structures of the Temple were built for a purpose, regardless of who built it. While it appears to be aged and lacking in modern luxuries, like lights, the Temple also has storage and staging areas for modern weaponry, leading viewers to believe this place was built to withstand a prolonged assault. When placed in the context of the island, the supposed violator would be the black smoke monster. How could simple walls keep him out? It is interesting to note some of the hieroglyphics in the temple were intended to ward off evil spirits. it is also very likely that the Temple is not a DHARMA station at all. It could simply be a place built by the ancient civilization who once inhabited the island. Though it is labeled with a DHARMA logo, it could be that it was claimed by the Initiative as it seems to be in their territory. It is unclear why it was labeled with a DHARMA logo, but it could simply be a mistake on the show's part, similar to the one they made by calling the Looking Glass the Looking Glass hatch.

Parallels to the IslandEdit

Jacob describes the island as being like a cork that keeps wine in a bottle. The temple then seems to be parallel to this metaphor, but instead of keeping evil in, it was built to repel (or at least delay) the black smoke monster. The central spring also appears to have redemptive qualities similar to what John Locke experienced when he first arrived.

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