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The Tail Section Jungle Camp
Tailies Camp2
Name The Tail Section Jungle Camp
Appears In The Other 48 Days

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Was a location of survival for the Tail Section survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

The TailiesEdit

After walking for 3 days through the jungle, Nathan halted the expedition stating that where they were was a good location to set up camp as it was close to fresh water, fruit trees, and rock wall to sleep against, Ana-Lucia agreed, however; feared something else may be at work. She began digging a pit very close to their camp and would later put it to use. While building a trap designed to catch rabbits with Bernard, Nathan was attacked and was thrown into the pit. After Nathan was killed by Goodwin, the survivors believed that Nathan had been set free, and they vacated the area believing that they had been "found".

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