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The Sweat Lodge
Name The Sweat Lodge
Appears In Further Instructions

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The sweat lodge was built by John Locke underneath the uncompleted church that was being built by Mr. Eko and Charlie. Locke began construction on the sweat lodge immediately after returning to the beach. He used pieces of his shelter to construct it. Locke was mute after the implosion of the hatch, and needed a way to speak to the island. Locke made the mistake of destroying the computer inside the hatch and prevented Eko or Desmond from pushing the button resulting in the implosion.

Locke shut the outside world out, and concentrated on the task at hand. Locke prepared a hallucinogenic paste, which he previously used on Boone to induce a vision from the island. Locke was successful, and received a vision of he and Boone traveling through the Sydney Airport, which ended in Boone telling him that he had to "clean up his own mess".

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