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The Republican Guard
Name The Republican Guard
Country Iraq
Introduced In Pilot: Part 2
Type Armed Forces

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The Republican Guard was the primary military arm of Saddam's loyalist security forces in Ba'athist Iraq. They were the elite soldiers of the army, the enforces of law in the capital, and the most trusted interrogation agency. Sayid was formerly a member of the Republican Guard as a Military Communications Officer.

Sayid and TariqEdit

During the Gulf War, Sayid was stationed at an intelligence bunker when it was raided by US Army soldiers. After Sgt. Buccelli said he would fire upon an Iraqi soldier who had yet to cease his shredding of documents, Sayid spoke up and told him to stop. Buccelli addressed Sayid and discovered that he spoke English, he asked where the commanding officer was, and Sayid lied by telling him that the commanding officer had fled to Hillah two hours earlier when the bombing began. Buccelli was aware he was lying, and Sayid was placed in a holding pen until brought before Sgt. Sam Austen who attempted to use Sayid's English to translate for his commanding officer Tariq's Arabic. However, this attempt failed when Tariq refused to cooperate and questioned Sayid's loyalty to the Iraqi army. Sayid was then brought before DIA Operative Inman who coerced Sayid into torturing Tariq for the information, after revealing to him that it was Tariq who was responsible for the release of Sarin nerve gas on a village which Sayid previously had relatives in. While driving to the outskirts to a field, Sayid spoke with Sgt. Austen who asked him if he had a wife or kids, he did so while holding a picture of his daughter. Sayid was dropped off, and presented with $1000 US from Inman, and was told that he would remain under Saddam's employ, but would return with a new skill set.

Sayid, Omar & NadiaEdit

Years later, Sayid was working as an interrogator for the Republican Guard, attempting to gain information from a man named Falah who had planted an explosive device in a Baathist Party headquarters and killed two soldiers. When Sayid had completed his interrogation, he informed his superior officer Omar that Falah did not know anything. Sayid was then ordered to interrogate Noor Abed Jazeem, known to most as "Nadia", who was also his childhood friend. Nadia was placed in solitary confinement, while Sayid would repeatedly attempt to gain information, while slowly falling in love with her at the same time. After a while of this, Omar ordered Sayid to execute Nadia claiming that she was providing no information, and that it would teach a lesson to those who would not cooperate. Sayid walked with Nadia down a corridor, and then created a plan for her escape, in doing so, they were caught by Omar. Sayid fired his gun upon Omar, killing him, Sayid then fired upon himself in his leg, and created the illusion that Nadia stole his gun shot Omar, and then Sayid. Nadia took a photo of herself which Sayid had in his possession, and wrote "You'll find me in the next life, if not in this one" on the back.


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