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The Radio Tower
Radio Tower
Name The Radio Tower
Introduced In Solitary
Appears In The Lost Experience, Through the Looking Glass

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The Radio Tower was erected on the island to broadcast the core numeric values of the Valenzetti Equation or "The Numbers".

Sam Toomey and Leonard Simms picked up this transmission after monitoring transmissions over the Pacific. After this occurrence, Sam used the numbers to win $50,000 at a county fair, and since that day was the subject of bad luck until the day he committed suicide.

Danielle Rousseau's crew also heard the same transmission and proceeded to the island to investigate, it was there that their ship was destroyed and they were shipwrecked. After arriving on the island, Rousseau changed the transmission and broadcast her own distress signal, which was never heard in the 16 years she was on the island. She later revealed to Hurley that the radio tower is located somewhere near the Black Rock. Danielle also mentions that "they control it now".

Later Jack, Rousseau and rest of the survivors reached the Radio tower to get a clear signal to contact Kahana for rescue. Meanwhile Rousseau entered the Radio tower chamber and turned off the distress signal that had been playing for 16 years

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