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The Quarry
Name The Quarry
Introduced In The Glass Ballerina
Last Seen In I Do

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The Rock Quarry is where Kate and Sawyer were taken to work by Danny Pickett. He instructs them that Kate's job is to break the rocks, and that Sawyer's is to wheel them away. The Others are building something that is yet to be known, but according to Kate it is "big".

Juliet attempted to be friendly with Sawyer and threw him a canteen of water, but Sawyer rejected this act and poured the water out. Sawyer kissed Kate on the quarry site and then ended up in a fight with Pickett and several others, which ended with Juliet having Kate at gunpoint, and Sawyer getting shocked.

The two later returned to the quarry, and were involved in a failed rescue attempt by Alex who warned Kate that they were going to kill her boyfriend, just like they killed hers.

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