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The Pit
Tailies Pit
Name The Pit
Introduced In The Other 48 Days
Last Seen In Everybody Hates Hugo

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The pit was a makeshift underground prison of sorts created by Ana-Lucia that was designed to hold Nathan while they attempted to gather information from him as he was believed to be one of "the Others".


After living at their camp for 4 days, Ana-Lucia completed digging her pit and attacked Nathan, threw him inside, and informed her fellow survivors that he was not on the plane; this claim was backed up by Cindy who did not spot him on the plane. Nathan remained inside the pit for 4 days, and was interrogated by Ana on occasion. It was discovered that Mr. Eko had been providing Nathan with food. Goodwin later released Nathan from the pit on Day 23 telling him that they all feared Ana-Lucia was going to harm him and that he should flee, however; before he could do so, Goodwin grabbed him and snapped his neck. The next morning, Cindy informed the group that Nathan had escaped, and Ana told the group that they had been found and that it was time to move.

Michael, Jin, and SawyerEdit

Approximately 20 days later, the survivors would return to the pit after capturing Sawyer, Michael, and Jin on the beach believing them to be one of the attackers they had been evading. Mr. Eko struck the three with his club, and they were placed in nets and dragged to the pit where they would remain until Ana-Lucia voluntarily entered to gain information from them. After discovering they were aboard Flight 815, Jin and Michael, and eventually Sawyer were released, and made their way through the jungle once more.

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