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The Others' Boat
Name The Others' Boat
Introduced In Exodus - Part 2
Last Seen In Live Together, Die Alone
Owned By The Others
Found By Michael, Jin, Sawyer and Walt

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While on the raft looking for rescue in "Exodus - Part 2", Michael, Jin, Sawyer and Walt see a blip on the radar and fire the flare gun to attract the attention of whatever was out there. When the blip returned, this boat came into view and shone a light onto the survivors and mad their way toward the raft. The crew of the Other's boat included Tom, a man, a woman, and another man. They stated that they were going to have to take Walt, and when Michael refused, they forcefully kidnapped him and blew up the raft.

The boat would later be seen again in "Live Together, Die Alone" when Jack, Kate Austen, Hurley and Sawyer were betrayed by Michael so that he could get Walt back. Ben stated that since Michael lived up to his end of the agreement, they would live up to theirs and presented Michael with the boat and said that if they follow a compass bearing of 325 that he and his son would find rescue.

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