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This article is about a scene which is considered Non-Canon in the world
of LOST, and is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

The New Au Pair
Name The New Au Pair
Episode Abandoned
Characters Shannon Rutherford, Philippe, Sophie, Dominique, Laurent


Shannon visits Philippe and Sophie at their home after accepting the position as the family's new au pair. Shannon is introduced to Philippe's wife Dominique and their son Laurent.

Background InformationEdit

  • This scene was meant to be in the episode Abandoned.


  • SHANNON: Good evening, bon soir.
  • PHILLIPE: Welcome, welcome. We're so happy you're here.
  • SOPHIE: Shannon!
  • SHANNON: Hey, Sophie. Oh, and you must be Laurent?
  • PHILLIPE: Laurent, say hello to Mademoiselle Shannon. He's a bit shy.
  • SHANNON: I understand. C'est bien. That's about the extent of my French.
  • PHILLIPE: Well, don't worry, we'll work on your French together. Dominique, my wife.
  • DOMINIQUE: Bon soir, Shannon. Welcome. We're very blessed to have you here.
  • SHANNON: Thank you, for the opportunity.

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