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The Lynford Hotel
Name The Lynford Hotel
Country Los Angeles, California
Introduced In A Tale of Two Cities
Type Hotel

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The Lynford Hotel is the location where Christian Shephard attended his A.A. meetings, and was also the scene of a tense argument between him and his son.

Jack and ChristianEdit

After Jack suspected his father Christian of having an affair with his wife Sarah after discovering his father's cell phone number on a list of every number she call pulled from her phone. After seeing him take a call, he became suspicious and followed him to the Lynford Hotel where he entered a room bearing a sign saying "Friends of Bill W.", which was in fact his Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Jack demanded to see the cell phone, and was then confronted by the moderator and was asked to join then, and she explained that his father had told them all about him. Jack demanded to know what Christian told the group, but when Christian asked Jack to let it go, Jack became enraged and physically attacked him, and was later arrested by the LAPD.


These are characters that have been involved with The Lynford Hotel.


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