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The Looking Glass
Name The Looking Glass
Area of Research Underwater Submarine dock and Radio jamming station
First Seen/Visited In Greatest Hits
Name Given In Greatest Hits

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The Looking Glass is the only known DHARMA station completely underwater. While the purpose of this station is still unknown, it is known that it is being used to block all radios on the island. While Charlie was in the station, he was confronted by two occupants.


The Looking Glass is one of the DHARMA Initiative's stations which is located under water somewhere off the coast of the island. The use of the station is currently unknown but it was said by Juliet that it is the reason the radio signals have been blocked. Juliet added that she doesn't know anyone in the station, or of anyone who has ever visited it, due to there being a flood.


Charlie diving to the Looking Glass

Thanks to the wire on the beach found by Sayid and Hurley, Desmond and Charlie were able to locate the station in the episode "Greatest Hits". Desmond informed Charlie that he had a vision of Charlie diving underwater and "flicking a switch", he also added that this leads to Claire and Aaron being rescued, but in doing so, he would drown.

Charlie was able to infiltrate the hatch by swimming underneath and finding a "moon pool" used for submarine docking. Upon reaching the inside of the station Charlie is confronted by two female occupants of The Looking Glass. The two women, Bonnie and Greta hold Charlie at gunpoint inside the station.

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