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The Incident
Name The Incident
First Seen In The Incident
Season 5

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The Incident was an electromagnetic anomaly caused by DHARMA Initiative's attempt to drill into an electromagnetic pocket of The Island. It is also heavily implied that the explosion caused by the detonation of Jughead caused The Incident

Detonation of JugheadEdit

Juliet-Lost-bomb-dies l

Juliet attempting to detonate Jughead

5x16 JackWithTheJughead

Jack holding the core of Jughead

As a result of Locke turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel; Miles, Sawyer, Juliet Burke, Jin and Daniel Faraday ended up in 1977. Later Jack, Kate ,Sayid and Hurley arrived on The Island via Ajira Flight 316. Upon arrival they time traveled to 1977 and joined Sawyer and the rest who had joined DHARMA Initiative.

Daniel Faraday explained to Kate and Jack that if they could detonate a hydrogen bomb and negate the energy underneath the swan, that would prevent Oceanic Flight 815 from crashing on to The Island.

After Daniel Faraday was shot to death by Eloise Hawking, Jack and Sayid managed to locate Jughead with the help of Richard and Eloise Hawking. While transporting the core of the bomb to the site, Sayid got shot by Roger. Miles and Hurley arrived at The Barracks in a van and took them to where The Swan was being built. Meanwhile Sayid modified the bomb to detonate on impact. They arrived at the swan site while Dharma workers were drilling into the energy pocket and a shoot out occured between Dharma workers and Jack's team. However Jack and his team managed to defeat DHARMA workers and drop the bomb to the drilling pit. While jack and his mates were waiting for the bomb to go off the drill hit the energy pocket causing an electromagnetic anomaly. Juliet Burke fell into the drilling pit and was severely injured. Juliet spotted jughead lying next to her. She grabbed a rock and hit the bomb, causing it to detonate.


Lost the hatch

crater created by hatch impolsion

After detonating Jughead, Jack and his mates found each other lying on the ground near the imploded swan, which made them realize the explosion caused by Jughead time shifted them to the present. Later sawyer found juliet severely injured, dying under the ruins of the station

Pierre Chang lost his left arm in the incident. He was seen wearing a prosthetic arm in the swan orientation. DHARMA employee Phil was impaled by metal pipes, killing him instantly.

As explained in The Swan orientation, The Incident required DHARMA Initiative to build The Swan station and discharge the energy by entering The Numbers into a computer every 108 minutes to prevent a catastrophic energy release.

On September 24, 2004, Desmond failed to enter the numbers on time, causing Oceanic Flight 815 to crash


  • The Lost Encyclopedia confirmed that jughead detonated

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