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The Hydra Facility
Name The Hydra Facility
Appears In Not in Portland

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The Hydra Facility is located on the Hydra Island and was guarded by Aldo. When Alex arrived with Kate and Sawyer, she requested that the doors be opened to lock them up. Alex then suggested that Aldo contact her father, Ben to confirm the order. Aldo attempts to get answers from Pickett but is tackled by Sawyer, and is told that he fell for the "Wookiee prisoner gag". Kate threatens to shoot Aldo in the knee, however, he reveals Karl's location in Room 23, and is headbutted in to unconsciousness. Danny, Jason, and Ivan arrive and Aldo reveals that Alex had escaped with Kate, Sawyer, and Karl. Juliet then arrives, and informs them that Ben gave the order to allow them to escape.

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