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The Gravesite
Name The Gravesite
Introduced In Homecoming
Last Seen In Exposé

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The Gravesite is a location on the beach where survivors who have passed away since the crash are buried.


Steve JenkinsEdit

After Ethan Rom returned to the camp and delivered the message to Charlie that a survivor would be murdered every night until Claire was returned to him, Steve Jenkins was found murdered on the beach with his neck, his arms, and all the bones in his fingers broken. At his funeral, he was once again mistook for Scott Jackson. It is unknown if this was a simple mistake on Hurley's part, or is in fact part of a bigger story.

Boone CarlyleEdit

After discovering a Beechcraft perched up in the trees in the jungle after following a vision of Locke's, Boone Carlyle voluntarily climbed up the cliff and entered the plane. Once inside, he discovered that the plane had taken off from Nigeria and that the passengers were drug smugglers. Boone used the radio and made contact with Bernard on the other side of the island, but before they could exchange identities, the plane suddenly fell to the Earth, and Boone was seriously injured as a result.

He was brought back to the camp where he was treated by Jack who did everything possible to repair the damage, including performing a transfusion using his own blood. Jack then decided that his only option was to remove the leg, however, Boone objected at the last second, aware that he wasn't going to survive, and accepted his fate.

Boone was buried the next day, and during his funeral, John Locke returned to accept responsibility for what had happened and was attacked by Jack.

Shannon RutherfordEdit

After seeing visions of Walt, Shannon became determined to find him as she believed he was on the island and was all alone. While trekking through the jungle with Sayid, the two began to hear whispers surrounding them. When they both spotted Walt, Shannon ran towards him and was accidentally shot by Ana-Lucia.

Shannon was buried the next day on the beach and placed inside a grave which Sayid had dug himself.

Ana-Lucia CortezEdit

When Benjamin Linus was captured and taken prisoner inside the hatch, it was proven that he was lying about his identity and that he actually was an other. On one of Ana's visits into the Swan's armoury to feed Ben, he physically attacked her and attempted to strangle her to death. Later that day, Ana planned to murder Ben with a gun that she had coerced from Sawyer. However, when the time finally came to pull the trigger, she couldn't do it, and presented the gun to Michael who was more than willing to murder him stating that it was "what they'd do". Michael, however, had a sinister agenda placed on him by the Others when he was captured: Free Ben. Michael murdered Ana after gaining access to the gun and the combination to the armoury. He murdered her to prevent her from telling anyone the truth. He later shot himself to make it seem as though Ben escaped.

Ana was buried on the beach along with Libby. During their funeral, Desmond returned to the island in his sailboat.


After being surprised with a less than perfect picnic by Hurley, Libby returned to the hatch to retrieve the crucial element of the picnic: the blanket. While doing so, she was inadvertently shot by Michael after he had shot Ana in order to create the illusion of Ben escaping.

She was given a shot of heroin in the hopes that it would keep her alive or at least ease her pain, however, she died and uttered a final word of "Michael". She was buried alongside Ana the next day.


When Nikki learned that Paulo had been lying to her for weeks about not finding the diamonds that they had stolen from Howard L. Zukerman, she confronted him in the jungle. During their confrontation, she threw a Medusa spider at him. The spider bit him and sent him into an eight-hour, death-like paralysis. He was discovered by the other survivors who believed him to be dead. He was taken out to the graveyard and buried alive with Nikki and the diamonds.

Nikki FernandezEdit

After using Arzt's Medusa spider to paralyze Paulo while she retrieved the diamonds from him, the pheromones from the spider attracted dozens of nearby male spiders. One of them crawled on to her leg and bit her. She had enough time to bury the diamonds before stumbling onto the beach and collapsing in front of Hurley and Sawyer. Assuming that she had died, they held a funeral for her and Paulo. Sawyer scattered the diamonds on their bodies before they began filling in the grave. The venom began to wear off, and Nikki managed to open her eyes, just as a shovel-full of dirt landed on her face, and she and Paulo were buried alive.

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