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Giant Bird
Name Hy-bird
Introduced In Exodus - Part 2
Last Seen In Live Together, Die Alone

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Hy-bird was a species of birds genetically engineered by the DHARMA Initiative. In Hyda orientation film, Pierre Chang explains that Dharma Initiatives released and monitored Hy-birds to see how they adapt to the unique properties of the island. The Hy-birds were being kept in cages at The Hydra Station.
Epilogue ChangAndTheBird

Season 1Edit

In "Exodus - Part 2", this giant bird appeared before Jack, Kate, Locke, and Hurley while they were traveling through "The Dark Territory". It was this event that convinced Hurley that whoever named the place Dark Territory was a genius

Season 2Edit

In "Live Together, Die Alone", the same bird makes an appearance again when Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer and Michael were heading towards the The Others Village. The bird swooped over their heads and screeched what sounded like "Hurley" once more while doing so. As the bird flew over top, Michael attempted to shoot the bird, and it was revealed that Jack did not load his gun.

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