The Fuselage Crash Site

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The Fuselage Crash Site
Name The Fuselage Crash Site
Appears In Season 1

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Was the mid-section of Oceanic Flight 815 which broke off during mid-flight and landed on the island.

Waiting for RescueEdit

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, the surrounding debris of the crash was used as shelter while they awaited their rescue. When the marshal’s injuries became life-threatening, Jack created an infirmary tent on the beach to treat him.

The MemorialEdit

The Fuselage, which had been the result of attacks from boars on the deceased bodies inside, was burned and a memorial service was held to honour those who did not survive the crash.

Leaving the BeachEdit

After discovering the caves, Jack recruited people living on the beach, and convinced them to head inland; however, there were those who remained optimistic of rescue, among them were Sayid, Kate and Sawyer. When the tide shifted, the survivors attempted to remove pieces of the wreckage vital for use in shelter, and vacated the crash site moving down the beach to a more suitable location.

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