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The Front-Section Crash Site
Name The Front-Section Crash Site
Appears In Pilot - Part 1

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Was the front section of Oceanic Flight 815 which broke off during mid-flight and landed on the island.

Seth NorrisEdit

The Front Section of the plane crashed into the middle of the jungle and was left with only one know survivor: Seth Norris, the pilot. When Kate, Jack, and Charlie hiked to this section to retrieve the transceiver. They found Seth alive, and they were told that the rescuers were looking for them in the wrong place. When the "Monster" once again showed up making the same noises as the night before, Seth looked out the window to investigate, and was ripped from the cockpit leaving a smear of blood on the side of the window, and sending the survivors running for their lives.


The section of the plane appears to be located in dense rain forest-like jungle, many types of vines and ferns are most abundant, whilst the weather appears to be very tropical with heavy downpours followed by clear sky and sun.

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