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The First Raft
The First Raft
Name The First Raft
Introduced In Special
Last Seen In ...In Translation

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After deciding that he couldn't let his son grow up on the island, Michael set about building a raft so that he and Walt could get off the island. When the question of who was going on the raft was brought up, it was revealed that Sawyer had bought a ticket onto the raft, by providing cable that Michael needed for the mast.

The raft was set on fire in "...In Translation", and accusations fell on Jin as he had a long-standing grudge since the week of the crash. When Michael confronted Jin about this, he physically attacked him, and in turn Sun spoke up to prevent any further punishment and to claim Jin as innocent, and revealed to the survivors that she spoke English.

It was later revealed to Locke by Walt that he burnt the raft because he didn't want to leave the island. Walt later revealed this to Michael in "Born to Run".

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