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Secret Box?Edit

This was thought to be the "Magic Box" that Ben talked about, due to the fact it has a golden rectangle on the door. The box's existence was given more strength when Locke's father is said to have come from it. His dad also says he simply woke up there, and the EMT that was lifting him onto the gurney smiled at him. Later though, Ben says that the box was a metaphor, seemingly disproving the idea it is real. The rest is explainable by assuming that Ben was interested in Locke from when he crashed, shown when he was captured as Henry Gale. He tells Locke when he was interrogated that he had been going to their camp for him. This in mind, it is possible Ben had his father kidnapped and brought there to bolster Locke's belief in the Island's powers. This makes sense, but the Decoy Station could still be real. The Others could have summoned a large rock that would cover the doorway to make it seem a decoy. Even so, it was a smart move to skirt away from the box in the show as to remove what could have been a deux ex machina for the series.

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