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The Decoy Station
Name The Decoy Station
Area of Research Decoy Station
First Seen In Three Minutes
First Visited In Live Together, Die Alone

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A DHARMA Initiative station door appears at the Others' camp, which is described as being on the north side of the island, near a rock formation with a hole in it. The entrance is guarded by two "Others" with M14 rifles. Michael claims that this hatch is where the Others keep the people they captured.

In the finale of season 2, it is revealed that there is nothing behind the station's door. When Sayid sneaks into the others' camp, he finds that the door to this hatch leads only to a small cave in the rock about the size of a walk-in closet.

As the name implies, it is in fact a decoy. The purpose unknown, but believed to likely be a decoy for anyone searching for the others. The searcher goes to the doors, and opens to find nothing, while the others make an escape. This is demonstrated well by Sayid when he broke in.

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