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VW Van
Name The DHARMA Van
Introduced In Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Last Seen In Through the Looking Glass
Owned By Roger Linus / The DHARMA Initiative
Found By Hurley

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The van was originally being driven by Roger Linus who died after he was murdered by his son Benjamin via a toxic gas which filled the van after Ben released it.

Inside the van was a map which had plans for a possible dirt road on the island, as well as several cans of beer. His body was found by Hurley and Jin inside the van, which was tipped over. The two removed Roger's body, minus his head, and tipped the van over. Jin and Hurley attempted to get the van started, but they didn't have any luck doing so. So Hurley devised a plan to have Jin, Charlie and Sawyer push the van to a hill, where he and Charlie would ride it down the hill, pop the clutch, and start the engine. The plan eventually did work, and the four of them, as well as Vincent, rode in the van around a patch of field on the island.

It was later used by Hurley to help Jin, Sayid and Bernard when they were being held by the Others on the beach. He drove it onto the beach, running over one of the captors and then the van was used for cover by Sawyer as he shot another.

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