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The Church
The Church
Name The Church
Introduced In Dave
Last Seen In Further Instructions

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When Eko took it upon himself to build a church, he marked off his favorite trees which he would use to construct it with. He enlisted the help of Charlie to assist him in its construction.

Eko began planning to build the church in Fire + Water when he was marking trees, stating that they were the ones he liked. Charlie eventually was recruited to help Eko, who kept what they were building a secret at first.

When Bernard was working on his S.O.S. sign, he inquired if he could use their help or at least some wood, but Eko refused. Charlie then revealed that they were building a church together. Bernard disputed this action stating that he was trying to get them saved, to which Eko stated that people are saved in different ways.

In "?", Eko has a dream of himself building the church and being questioned by Ana. In this dream he says he was told to build the church, when Ana asks by whom, he says "I was just told to". In "The Cost of Living", it is Amina, who tells Eko that he owes Yemi one church.

When Eko decides that pushing the button in the hatch is his main priority, Charlie is left to complete the construction by himself to which he finds great difficulty doing so.

When Locke returned to the camp, he build a sweat lodge in order to speak with the island, and did so underneath the uncompleted church.

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