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The Bunny
Name The Bunny
Introduced In Every Man for Himself

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The bunny is a white-furred rabbit with a number 8 painted on its back. Ben introduces the bunny to Sawyer during Sawyer's captivity on the Hydra Island. Ben begins to shake the cage in front of Sawyer with no explanation of why he's doing so. When the bunny collapses, Ben stops. He explains that the bunny had a pacemaker placed into it, and that it got too excited and died when its heart exploded.

Sawyer is tricked into believing he has a similar pacemaker installed into him. Later, Ben reveals that the bunny is alive and well, and that the bunny's "death" was a con to earn Sawyer's respect. The bunny was given a sedative in order to trick Sawyer into thinking it was dead.

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