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The Arrow
Name The Arrow
Area of Research Restocking and Staging Area
Possibly Mathematical research
First Seen In Everybody Hates Hugo
First Visited In The Other 48 Days
Name Given In Lockdown
Last Seen In ...And Found

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This DHARMA Initiative station was found by the tail section survivors and used as a hiding place from the "Others". The station was found to be gutted and seemed almost entirely empty except for a box containing a Bible, a short wave radio and a glass eye. It was later revealed by Eko, in "What Kate Did", that the Bible contained film missing from the Swan's orientation video, which warns the occupant not to use the computer for communication with the outside world.



The Arrow's entrance.

The Arrow is located in the jungle on the other side of the island from the Swan. It's about four days' walk from where the tail-section crashed into the ocean and about a day's walk from another beach near the Arrow. The station appears to be built into the side of a mountain or cliff, rather than underground like the Swan or the Pearl. The only known entrance to the Arrow is a door that is shrouded in hanging vegetation and thick undergrowth (in contrast to the other discovered stations, the Arrow was poorly concealed in comparison). On the inside of the door the text "quarantine" is stenciled in similar fashion to that of the Swan's hatch. Unlike the Swan, the Arrow's entrance does not contain a stairwell to go further down or an airlock. The passageway leads from the entrance directly into the interior of the station.



The inside of The Arrow.

The interior of The Arrow seems to consist of only a few rooms. The station appears to have been long abandoned with a filthy interior and only a few objects inside. Electricity still runs in The Arrow, but only powers a couple of lamps and bare light bulbs. Electrical conduits and exposed wires run along the interior walls. The rooms are barren, with concrete floors and walls. At least one of the rooms however, appears to have been painted off-white with a teal border running along the bottom of the walls, but the paint has peeled and chipped. The large room contains several crates or containers and a shelf.


One of the crates inside The Arrow contained a Bible, a glass eye, and a two-way radio. The Bible was hollowed out to hide a reel of film containing missing footage from the Swan’s orientation video. This footage was given to Locke by Eko in "What Kate Did" and contained a warning about not using the Swan's computer terminal for anything other than input of the code.

Jin, Michael and SawyerEdit

After discovering that the men they had captured were actually Jin, Michael and Sawyer who were in the mid-section of the plane, they brought them back to the station and remained there for the night before proceeding across the island on Day 47.

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