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The ?
The Question Mark
Name The ?
Introduced In ?
Last Seen In The Cost of Living

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After seeing a map drawn on the blast doors, Locke attempted to draw a recreation of the map based on what he remembered. The basic structure of his drawing held true to the actual painting: an octagon surrounding the stations, with a large question mark in the center.

It was in a vision of Yemi that Eko became aware of the question mark when Yemi stated that he must make John take him to the question mark. Eko disguises his motives for finding the question mark with looking for the escaped Henry Gale. On their trek, Eko reveals that he is aware of the question mark.

When the two arrive at the Beechcraft, Locke has a vision of Yemi, and directs Eko on where to go. Eko climbs to the top of the cliff that Boone fell from and notices a target salted into the earth, and that underneath the plane, is the The Pearl Station.

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