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The "Line"
Name The "Line"
Introduced In The Hunting Party
Last Seen In S.O.S.

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The "Line" was an area of the jungle where Jack, Locke and Sawyer were met and surrounded by "The Others". They were told that at that location there was a line that they were not to cross.

"This Is Not Your Island"Edit

While Jack, Locke and Sawyer were deep in the jungle searching for Michael who had run off looking for Walt, the three were approached by Tom and The Others. When Tom called them out, his party lit their torches in unison creating a ring of fire around the survivors, surrounding them at all turns. This was the site of a heated confrontation between Jack and Tom which ended in the three surrendering their weapons over in exchange for the safety of Kate who had been following them and was captured by the Others.

"Hey, I'm Back!"Edit

When Jack decided that Ben's idea of a trade with the Others was a good idea, he informed him that he was going to go back to the line that they weren't supposed to cross and force a trade for Walt. Jack and Kate headed into the jungle and arrived at the spot, and Jack began screaming out for them. The two remained there until night, when Michael suddenly came running out of the jungle to them and collapsed at their feet.

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