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Teresa Cortez
Captain Cortez
Name Teresa Cortez
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Police Captain
Child Ana-Lucia Cortez
Episode(s) Collision, Two for the Road
Played By Rachel Ticotin

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Teresa Cortez is both the mother of Ana-Lucia Cortez and the Captain of her daughter’s LAPD squad. When Ana-Lucia responded to a burglary call, she was shot by a man named Jason McCormack four times with hollow point bullets through her bullet-proof vest, and in the process lost the unborn child she was carrying. Teresa arranges for her daughter to visit with a psychiatrist named Matthew Reed who would help her deal with her issues. Teresa left the final determination of Ana’s return to the force up to Matthew.

When Ana returned to the force four months after, Teresa assigns her to a position in Evidence, which to the dislike of Ana involves sitting behind a desk and not behind the wheel of a squad car. After requesting a transfer to another squad, Teresa grants her daughter’s wish and places her back on the street. Teresa informs Ana’s partner, Mike Walton, to take her to the calm neighbourhood of Westwood for her first day back, however; it proved difficult for her daughter when she drew her gun on a man man while responding to a domestic disturbance call.

When Ana and Mike returned to the station later that night, Ana was informed that they had captured the man who had shot her four months previous, that he confessed, and that the D.A.’s office would press charges when Ana identified him. However, to her shock, Ana denied that the man in front of her was the man who shot her, he was released.

Ana would later follow him to a bar, and take the law into her own hands by murdering him in a parking lot. The next day, Teresa confronted her daughter about the incident, fully aware that it was Ana that murdered him in cold blood. Ana turns in her badge and leaves the force.

After fleeing to Australia, Teresa finally received a call from a distraught Ana. Ana explained that she ran away because Teresa knew the truth, and that she was done running and wanted to come home. Teresa jotted down that Ana would be on Flight 815, and said that she would be at the airport.

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