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John Locke Jr.Edit

  • The boy is clearly a reincarnation of John Locke. For those who think that the boy is Jacob, Jacobs ghost appears to Hurley in S6:5 after the boy first appears in S6:4. In the promo pic for the sixth season, John Locke is depicted in the position of Christ at the last supper. "Who lies in the shadow of the statue?" - "He who saves us all". Ever since the Losties had returned with Lockes body, it had just been in the chest or lying in the sand. In episode 4, Lockes body is finally buried in the shadow of the statue and, in the next scene, MiB sees a child that looks suspiciously like a young Locke, arms covered in blood.


  • One theory, due to his piercing blue eyes and blonde hair, is that 'Teenage Boy' is actually a grown up vesion of Aaron Littleton.

A young JacobEdit

  • Both the teenage boy and Jacob are blonde, wearing fairly similar clothes. When the teenage boy appears the first time, with his hands covered in blood, this could symbolise 'Locke's' part in Jacob's death. This would also explain his knowledge of the 'rules'.

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