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Name Tariq
Gender Male
Country Iraq
Occupation Republican Guard Soldier
Episode(s) One of Them
Played By Marc Casabani

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Tariq was a member of the Iraqi Republican Guard, and was the head of a Chemical Warfare battalion in Northern Iraq that personally supervised the use of Sarin gas on a village.

During the Gulf War Tariq was the commanding officer of Sayid and several other soldiers in an intelligence unit. When a helicopter went down and the American Pilot inside was captured and interrogated by Tariq. When the bombings started, Tariq ordered his soldiers to quickly shred and burn documents, when American Soldiers arrived; they ordered everyone to drop down the ground and demanded to know who was in charge. After Sgt. Buccelli threatened to shoot a man still shredding documents, Sayid revealed he spoke English, and when asked where the commanding officer was, Sayid covered for Tariq and claimed that the commanding officer fled two hours previous for Hillah.

Tariq was eventually identified after they liberated his personnel file, and Sayid was used to cooperate with Sgt. Sam Austen to translate his English into Arabic for Tariq. However, Tariq did not cooperate. Sayid would later be given information about Tariq using the Sarin gas on the village, which Sayid had relatives in, it was then that he returned to Tariq and tortured him for the location of the missing pilot, only to learn that the pilot was executed two days previous and buried in a field.

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