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Widmore over the years

Charles Widmore

Charles Widmore is an industrialist, philanthropist and owner of the powerful Widmore Corporation. However, prior to his rise to success in the business world, Widmore was the leader of the mysterious Others, before being exiled from the island he called home. Due in no small part to his banishment at the hands of Benjamin Linus, Widmore devoted his life to relocating and returning to the island, and to exacting his revenge on Linus.

Widmore's personal life, on and off the island, is a complicated tapestry, as he is known to have fathered at least two children. He had an apparent romantic relationship with another island native, Eloise Hawking, who gave birth to Daniel Faraday, his son. Widmore is also the father of Penny Widmore, who he fathered with an unknown mother. Widmore's relationship with Faraday appears to be non-existent, aside from a grant Widmore provided to further his son's scientific research. However, Widmore's funding appeared to suit his own needs, as he used Faraday's accumulated knowledge to relocate the island, despite the fact he knew it would result in his son's death. His daughter, Penny, after years of distrust and interference, completely distanced herself from her father, and appeared to have severed all ties with him. Widmore viewed this strained relationship as a sacrifice his goal demanded. Nonetheless, Widmore still appeared active in Penny's life, as he actively denounced her relationship with Desmond Hume, who Widmore did not feel was worthy to date his daughter. His attempts to bribe Desmond into avoiding his daughter, among other things, has led Penny to completely distrust her father.

After Widmore's eventual location of the island, he sent a ship full of mercenaries to locate and capture Ben. In the process of the operation, a mercenary killed Ben's adopted daughter, Alex, in an attempt to goad Ben out of hiding. Ben blamed Alex's death completely on Charles, and warned Charles that he would exact his vengeance by killing Charles' own daughter...

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