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Sydney Airport
Sydney Airport
Name Sydney Airport
Country Sydney, Australia
Introduced In White Rabbit
Type Airport

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An International Airport located in Sydney, Australia which was the origin of departure for Oceanic Flight 815.

Oceanic Flight 815Edit

Oceanic Flight 815 was a trans-Pacific Oceanic Airlines flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California, the plane suffered several instrument failures during the flight. These failures prompted the pilots to attempt to land in Fiji, taking the plane 1,000 miles off course at the time of the crash. En route to Fiji, the plane violently tore apart in midair, breaking into three pieces which fell onto a mysterious, uncharted Pacific Island. The reasons for the crash are presently unknown.


These are characters that have been involved with the Sydney Airport in one way or another.

Airport EmployeesEdit

Oceanic EmployeesEdit


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