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Supply Drop
Name Supply Drop
Introduced In Lockdown
Last Seen In Dave
Owned By The DHARMA Initiative
Found By Jack and Kate

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The cache of food and supplies attached to a parachute found in the jungle by Jack and Kate.


While on route from the beach to the hatch, Jack was stopped by Kate. Kate, having gone without a shower in days, tried to follow Jack to the hatch and use the amenities. Jack, trying to keep the secret of the discovery and imprisonment of Benjamin Linus - at the time known to the survivors as Henry Gale - hidden, told Kate that the plumbing in the hatch was cracked, and the shower was out of order. Just as Kate was about to head back to the beach, she and Jack spot a blinking artificial blue light of in the distance. When the two go to investigate, they discover a bundle of packages attached to a parachute. Despite Jack's hesitation, Kate instinctively reaches inside the bundle and pulls out a box of "Macaroni & Cheese Supper" with the DHARMA Initiative name and logo on the front. The two are then surprised by the arrival of Charlie, Sayid and Ana-Lucia. The five then leave the supplies to head to the hatch and confront "Henry" about his exposed false identity.

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