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Sun's Garden
Name Sun's Garden
Introduced In Hearts and Minds
Last Seen In The Whole Truth

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Sun created her garden in the middle of the jungle as a way for there to be food for the group, and as an excuse to leave the camp for solitude.

Kate Discovers Sun's SecretEdit

While assisting Sun in her garden in "Hearts and Minds", Kate begins to ramble on about her experiences in Australia before the crash and catches Sun smiling after she makes a joke. Kate inadvertently discovers that Sun speaks English, and has been able to do so all the time.

Sawyer's HeadachesEdit

When Sawyer began to suffer from headaches caused by his hyperopia in "Deus Ex Machina", he enlisted the help of Sun to assist him in curing them. When she presented him with a solution that did not help him, he returned to the garden to tell her this, and she apologized for it not working. Sun then revealed to Kate that he had headaches which resulted in Kate taking Sawyer to Jack for a checkup and led to Sawyer getting glasses.

Tearing it ApartEdit

The garden was torn apart by Sun in "...And Found" after she lost her wedding ring. She suspected it was in the garden somewhere and became so frustrated that she torn apart the garden in rage. She was then comforted by Locke who told her that the only way anything lost gets found, is by not looking for it.

Michael returnsEdit

After Ana-Lucia allowed Michael to return to the camp to gather supplies for her in "Collision", Michael ran into Sun at her garden and had her bring him to the hatch to get Jack.

Attacked by "The Others"Edit

While working in her garden in "The Long Con", Sun was approached by Vincent who came into her garden, and then left. Sun was suddenly attacked by an unseen assailant, had a bag tied placed over her head, her hands tied, and was dragged through the jungle where she would later be found by Sawyer and Kate. It was later discovered that Charlie was the one who attacked her.

Jin Destroys the GardenEdit

The garden was torn apart a second time by Jin in "The Whole Truth" when he came to get Sun to bring her back to the camp fearing she would be attacked a second time by "The Others". When she refused, Jin tore all of her plants from the ground and stated that she no longer had any reason to be out there.

Jin would later return to the garden to replant all that he had torn up, and was informed by Sun that she was pregnant.

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